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COLLEGE CROSSECAST: 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Final Four Preview

It’s going to be an incredible weekend of lacrosse in Baltimore, so let COLLEGE CROSSECAST set the table for the 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship Weekend.

Princeton v Maryland Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournament has gone according to plan with the powers of the sport stepping up and taking care of business. What does that mean for you, the lacrosse fan? An incredible weekend of lacrosse on the horizon down in Baltimore. And what better way to get you set for it than a fresh new edition of COLLEGE CROSSECAST.

I’m joined by College Crosse NCAA Women’s Lacrosse editor Skyler Gilbert as we take stock in the tournament. We start be recapping a quarterfinals where the higher seeds dominated, with Maryland-Denver (3:11), Northwestern-Syracuse (7:54), Boston College-Princeton (14:10), and North Carolina-Virginia (20:25) going according to plan.

Feeling glum about the women’s quarterfinals not being their usual crazy selves? No worries, because the semifinals are poised to be fantastic with the best four teams in the nation all converging to Homewood, and we get hyped for the fact that all the games are on TV this weekend! (26:00, ESPNEWS will have the semifinals on Friday and ESPNU the title game Sunday). Then the two of us break down the ACC grudge match between BC and UNC (30:00) and the Big Ten rubber game between Maryland and Northwestern (35:50) before sharing our picks for the title game (40:40).

Check out this episode by clicking play in the player below, head over to Podomatic, subscribing on iTunes and Google Play, or follow along on Spotify. We’ll have you covered all weekend long through all the championships, so be sure to keep it here to College Crosse and through all our social media outlets, including Twitter, where you can ask us anything for our mailbag!