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COLLEGE CROSSECAST: 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournament Quarterfinal Check-In

BC Interruption’s Arthur Bailin joins the Crossecast as we look back on the opening weekend get you set for the quarterfinals in the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse tournament.

Holy Cross v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournament is off to an exciting start, but the quarterfinals and beyond figure to bring it to another level. Denver’s scrappy underdog story now goes up against the gold standard program of Maryland, Boston College continues their quest for title #1, and the big names of North Carolina, Northwestern, Syracuse, Virginia, and Princeton are out to play as well. Want to get yourself prepped for the weekend? You’ve come to the right place.

On this edition of COLLEGE CROSSECAST I’m joined by Arthur Bailin of BC Interruption as we take a look at where the tournament stands. We begin with a recap of both the first round (1:00) and the second round (6:45). Then we dive into the individual matchups of the quarterfinals as follows:

21:30- #1 Maryland vs. Denver
24:30- #2 Boston College vs. #7 Princeton
27:30- #3 North Carolina vs. #6 Virginia
30:00- #4 Northwestern vs. #5 Syracuse

We then wrap up with our predictions and thoughts on the potential of what’s ahead on Memorial Day weekend (32:17).

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