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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 119: Johns Hopkins Ruins/Saves Easter/Passover

There’s a lot of tiebreaker high jinks to go around and some critical games to recap on this edition of the Crossecast.

The Easter Bunny Skates On The Rink At Rockefeller Center Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

We’re almost at the finishing line of the regular season and the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament is in sight. And given that our Easter Sundays were not that busy, we decided to hide one last egg for you to find to wrap up your weekend. Yep, consider SUNDAY NIGHT CROSSECAST as a way to make up for the lack of Sunday Night BTN Lacrosse.

I’m joined by Jake and Safe as we look back on this weekend and bring up all the hysteria of what’s to come because nobody has simple tiebreak procedures. After going through the scoreboard (1:04), we tackle Maryland-Ohio State (16:00), Towson-Delaware (25:54), Marquette-Duke (31:30), UNC-Notre Dame (34:13), and Mount St. Mary’s-Hobart (37:00). Cornell and Princeton winning means we could be in for a doozy scenario in the Ivy League (39:15), Loyola makes things simple in the Patriot League by beating Army (47:45), and then we wrap the recaps with Penn State beating Johns Hopkins 20-9 and make sense of the Big Ten’s tiebreaker mess (56:45). We also give you a bracketology update (1:01:00), the exclusive drop of our College Crosse Top 20 (1:21:41), and a quick peek at this week’s games (1:23:00).

You can listen in the player below, over on Podomatic, or by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify through the follow. Be sure to tweet us @College_Crosse with your questions for our next episode’s mailbag as well.