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Reverse Survivor: Binghamton is this year’s winner

The Bearcats are the last remaining eligible winless team in Division I with an 0-8 record.

Dave Williams

With Bellarmine knocking off Mercer 16-13 this weekend, the Binghamton Bearcats are this year’s Reverse Survivor champion as the lone eligible winless team left standing.*

The Knights and Bearcats entered last weekend as the lone eligible winless teams remaining in this year’s competition. Binghamton had a chance to get off the island first on Friday, but fell to Stony Brook 13-6 in Long Island.

Here’s the remaining schedule for the Bearcats:

  • @ UMBC (4/6)
  • vs. Vermont (4/13)
  • @ Sacred Heart (4/16)
  • vs. Hartford (4/20)
  • @ UMass Lowell (4/26)

The Bearcats have their best opportunity for a win at home against Hartford, who was part of the final four teams remaining this year. The Hawks still have one win on the season.

Conference play can give teams a boost, or in this case a win. Outside of Hartford, UMBC this weekend could provide a good chance for Binghamton to get their first win of the season. The Retrievers are 2-6 on the year and just crushed Lafayette at home on Saturday.

Unlike NJIT last season, there’s not a game left on the team’s schedule where you can say that’s a definite win. I don’t think Vermont or Sacred Heart will be wins, and probably not UMass Lowell.

Binghamton started last season 0-6 after going 11-5 in 2017 led by Tom Moore on offense.

And thus ends this year’s competition. We wish the Bearcats the best of luck for the rest of the 2019 season, and we hope they can earn a win (multiple wins would also be great) very soon!

Meanwhile, the Ohio State Buckeyes are this year’s Survivor champion, being the last undefeated team in the country! Unfortunately, they lost to Rutgers on Sunday.

*St. Bonaventure is also winless so far, while Hampton has not won a game against a Division I opponent. Since the Pirates are still in a transition schedule that features many Division II and III schools and the Bonnies are a first-year program, they are not eligible for this season. To include those two programs in this competition misses the point.