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College Crosse Week 7 Top 20

1-2 remain the same, but movement elsewhere in the Top 20

Matt Dewkett

As soon as we thought we had some clarity in the Top 20, we once again had some upsets and spins thrown into the works to shake things up. The top of the poll is largely unchanged, but there were some big results that sparked movement elsewhere, both in some of the big match-ups and in some more low-key games. Chris, Ryan, Adam, Safe, and myself took part in the voting. Directly below you can find each of our individual ballots and below that is the official College Crosse Top 20 poll for Week 7. Let us know any thoughts you have or what your Top 20 would be in the comments or on Twitter.

College Crosse Week 7 Top 20 Ballots

Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Rank
Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Rank
1 Maryland Maryland Penn State Maryland Penn State 1
2 Penn State Penn State Maryland Penn State Maryland 2
3 Ohio State Ohio State Yale Ohio State Yale 3
4 Yale Yale Ohio State Yale Ohio State 4
5 Virginia Virginia Loyola Virginia Duke 5
6 Duke Duke Virginia Duke Loyola 6
7 Loyola Loyola Syracuse Syracuse Virginia 7
8 Syracuse Syracuse Duke Loyola Syracuse 8
9 Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver 9
10 Towson Penn Cornell Penn Towson 10
11 Lehigh Towson Towson Towson Penn 11
12 Penn Lehigh Penn Lehigh Lehigh 12
13 Richmond Notre Dame Lehigh Cornell Cornell 13
14 Notre Dame Cornell Notre Dame Richmond Notre Dame 14
15 Cornell Army Army West Point Notre Dame Georgetown 15
16 Georgetown UMass Hobart Army Army 16
17 Army High Point High Point Hobart Hobart 17
18 Hobart Johns Hopkins Richmond High Point Richmond 18
19 UMass Delaware UMass UMass UMass 19
20 High Point Marquette Marquette Marquette High Point 20

College Crosse Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Maryland
2 Penn State
3 Ohio State
4 Yale
5 Virginia
6 Duke
7 Loyola
8 Syracuse
9 Denver
10 Towson
11 Penn
12 Lehigh
13 Cornell
14 Notre Dame
15 Army
16 Richmond
17 Hobart
18 UMass
19 High Point
20 Georgetown

1-2 remains the same as a week ago, which means, at least as far as the College Crosse Top 20 is concerned, Maryland vs Penn State next week is a #1 vs #2 match-up. Ohio State got their first big, marquee win of the season and rose to #3. Yale stayed in the #4 spot. The lone team to fall out of the Top 5 was Duke, who blew a 4 goal lead to Syracuse late on Sunday and dropped to #6. Virginia made their debut in the Top 5 this year at #5.

Two teams fell all the way out of the Top 10, those being Cornell after their loss to Penn and Georgetown after dropping a Big East tilt to Marquette. They were replaced by Denver, and the aforementioned Syracuse, with the Orange climbing up to 8th from 11th. High Point had the biggest drop after losing to Jacksonville, going from 12th to 19th. The lone team to fall out of the Top 20 was Johns Hopkins, who was replaced by UMass.