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College Crosse Week 4 Picks: Don’t ever pick against Towson

The Ides of March are come.

2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship - Semifinals Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

February is behind us, but the cold and snowy weather is not: Several games this weekend could be affected by another winter storm on the east coast.

And still, we pick on.

After a month of lacrosse, it’s turning into something of a two-man race between Jake and myself. Ryan is still very much alive. Chris and Safe have some work to do.

Safe needed a big week last week to get back into the thick of things, but unfortunately for our dear leader, he had a rough go. He was the only one to pick Georgetown over Towson and North Carolina over Hopkins, and for that, he paid a dear price.

Last week’s results:

  1. Me (5-3)
  2. Jake (5-3)
  3. Ryan (4-4)
  4. Chris (4-4)
  5. Safe (2-6)

Here’s how things look on the season as we enter March:

  1. Me (17-6)
  2. Jake (15-8)
  3. Ryan (12-11)
  4. Chris (11-12)
  5. Safe (10-13)

Our week of pick’em actually got started earlier this week, when the consensus #1 team in the country, Loyola, traveled a few minutes north to take on their Baltimore rivals, Towson. Jake and I picked Towson, everyone else went with the Greyhounds. Thus, Jake and I start the weekend at 1-0, while Ryan, Chris, and Safe are 0-1. Anyone else notice a pattern emerging?

The rest of this week’s slate is filled with enticing matchups, including Duke @ Richmond tonight, Denver @ North Carolina in the first game at the new Fetzer Field, Virginia @ Syracuse in the Dome in what’s usually a high-octane affair, Johns Hopkins @ Princeton in what was the original 18-7 Memorial Game (before Hopkins un-meme’d itself by 18-7ing Syracuse in the Dome a year later). Safe and I will be in attendance in New Jersey this weekend—hopefully our presence is not a curse to the Blue Jays.

Rounding out the weekend is Michigan @ St. John’s, undefeated Delaware @ Villanova, and finally Maryland @ Notre Dame. The last time those two teams met in South Bend, Notre Dame won 5-4 in one of the least watchable lacrosse games between two good teams in history. Hopefully we get a few more goals this time.

College Crosse Week 4 Picks

WEEK 4 (Feb 27. - March 3) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
WEEK 4 (Feb 27. - March 3) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
Loyola vs. Towson Towson Towson Loyola Loyola Loyola
Duke vs. Richmond Duke Duke Duke Duke Richmond
Denver vs. North Carolina North Carolina Denver Denver Denver North Carolina
Virginia vs. Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Virginia
Johns Hopkins vs. Princeton Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Princeton Princeton
Michigan vs. St. John's Michigan Michigan St. John's St. John's Michigan
Delaware vs. Villanova Delaware Delaware Delaware Villanova Delaware
Maryland vs. Notre Dame Maryland Maryland Maryland 6-5 Maryland Maryland

The Denver, Hopkins, and Michigan games are all split 3-2. Safe, needing to gain some ground on the field, was the only one to pick Richmond to upset Duke and Virginia to go into the Carrier Dome and beat the Orange.

Chris was the only one to pick Nova over Delaware (we’re very high on the Blue Hens at College Crosse, apparently) while we unanimously picked Maryland, who could be the new #1 team in the country with a win over Notre Dame.

As always, check back next Friday for the updated standings and a fresh weekend of picks.