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Reverse Survivor: 2019 Season Premiere

It’s back for another season!

Contestants Arrive at ‘Survivor: The Reunion’ Party Photo by Online USA


71 of the 73 Division I teams have played at least one game. Cornell plays Friday and Hampton plays next Sunday. I’m not waiting another weekend for them to play a game, so we’ll get started without them.

So, that means Reverse Survivor is back!

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules, it’s simple. If you don’t win a game, you’re still in the competition. Win and you’re out. It’s strange but, like The Hunger Games, people love it!

From the Reverse Survivor relics:

No team should exist on the fringe of consciousness simply due to the fact that it struggles to bag kills, and these teams need love -- the desire to watch them earn a victory against an opponent at the highest level of college lacrosse -- and attention. This isn’t about highlighting “bad” teams as much as it’s helping illustrate who you should be pulling for after your favorite team. These teams work as hard as the unbeatens and should have a place in your lacrosse soul.

This season, we begin with 25 teams, which is a ton! But that number will certainly decrease within a few weeks, which will separate the pretenders from the contenders. Cornell’s fate will be decided on Friday when they play Hobart.

This season, we have two new Division I teams in Utah and St. Bonaventure. As Reverse Survivor history goes, these teams won’t be included in our competition, but Utah would’ve never been included in the first place thanks to their win over Mercer last week! Also, Hampton will not be a part of Reverse Survivor since they are still in a transition schedule that features many Division II and III schools. To include a program that is just starting up or doesn’t play a full Division I schedule in this competition misses the point.

Let’s take a look at this year’s contestants:

Reverse Survivor 2019

Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Albany 0-1 @ Drexel 2/23 @ Cornell 3/2
Bellarmine 0-3 @ Robert Morris* 2/23 @ Detroit Mercy 3/2
Binghamton 0-1 @ Lafayette 2/23 vs. Hobart 3/2
Dartmouth 0-1 @ Bryant 2/23 @ Wagner 3/2
Fairfield 0-1 @ Sacred Heart 2/23 vs. Rutgers 3/2
Hartford 0-1 @ Canisius 2/23 vs. Marist* 2/26
Harvard 0-1 vs. UMass* 2/23 @ Holy Cross 2/26
Jacksonville 0-3 vs. Michigan 2/23 vs. Drexel 3/2
Johns Hopkins 0-2 @ North Carolina 2/23 @ Princeton 3/2
Marist 0-2 @ Hartford* 2/26
Mercer 0-3 vs. Cleveland State 3/2 @ Delaware 3/6
Monmouth 0-1 @ Delaware 2/23 vs. Wagner 2/26
Mount St. Mary's 0-2 @ UMBC* 2/23 vs. Georgetown 2/26
NJIT 0-3 @ VMI 2/23 vs. Quinnipiac* 3/2
Penn 0-1 @ Duke 2/23 @ Penn State 3/2
Quinnipiac 0-2 @ Vermont 2/23 @ NJIT* 3/2
Robert Morris 0-2 vs. Bellarmine* 2/23 @ High Point 3/2
Siena 0-1 @ UMass Lowell 2/23 @ Fairfield* 3/5
Stony Brook 0-1 @ Brown 2/23 @ Hofstra 2/26
UMass 0-2 @ Harvard* 2/23 @ Yale* 3/2
UMBC 0-2 vs. Mount St. Mary's* 2/23
Yale 0-1 vs. Penn State 2/23 vs. UMass* 3/2
Drexel 0-1 @ Michigan 2/19 vs. Albany 2/23
Furman 0-3 vs. Canisius 2/19 vs. Hampton 2/24
Holy Cross 0-2 @ UMass Lowell 2/19 vs. Harvard 2/26
*Possible elimination games if teams are still winless at time of game.

Last year’s champion, NJIT Highlanders, is in there, as are a few surprising teams, including Johns Hopkins and defending national champion Yale. The two runners-up from a year ago are on different paths. The High Point Panthers are undefeated and in the top 20. The Furman Paladins are in this year’s Reverse Survivor competition.

But the current number of 25 could potentially go down beginning today, with five Reverse Survivor contestants playing. And that number should continue to go down on Saturday.