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College Crosse Prospectus - January 8, 2019: Closer Look At Jacksonville’s New Lacrosse Only Facility

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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October Temperatures Remain Unseasonably High Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for January 8, 2019.

College Crosse News

Yesterday we got a glimpse, but here’s a proper look at Jacksonville’s brand new lacrosse only facility.

There’s no crying in lacrosse: Lacrosse & its discontents - how I helped my son cope with losing.

Duncan isn’t a flashy kid. He’s steady and composed, so I wasn’t surprised when my wife texted me to say that the coach gave him the ball, with 20 seconds left in the game.

As a coach myself, I could envision what happened next. The referee blew the whistle, and the players on both teams went in motion. My son charged at his defender. With each step he took, seconds clicked off the clock. With five seconds left, he shot a bullet at the goalie’s feet — and it ricocheted off the goalie. The clock ran down. Three, two, one: the game was over.

I was in the kitchen when Duncan came in through the back door. “How’d it go?” I asked.

“Coach told me to take in the ball, and we came up with a play,” he started. “I dodged around the defender and took a shot with five seconds left, and I didn’t make it,” he said, with a tone of disbelief. “I missed the shot.”


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Day 1 ✅ #BlueHens

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Major League Lacrosse is getting a new chief digital officer.

When Sandy Brown became commissioner early last year, he saw a ton of potential in expanding Major League Lacrosse and what they do. It needed a fresh start. As part of their ongoing re-brand, Major League Lacrosse is bringing in new personnel to help with those effort as they prepare for the 2019 season. Enter Tom Johnson, MLL’s new Chief Digital Officer. Johnson came over from Baseball America after a nearly two years as their Director of Digital Content. Prior to that, he worked at ESPN for nearly 10 years as a senior digital producer on college football recruiting.

“Growing the league and knowing what our goals are at the league, we recognized the opportunity to grow the business of the league,” said Carrie Gamper, MLL’s Director of Marketing. “Tom is a numbers guy, he has unbelievable experience, and he understood what out goals were and how to get us there. He was able to exactly understand what Sandy Brown has led out and he was able to articulate what the market is and what the opportunities are. A direct and clear path of a way we can improve what we’ve already started and what we’re already working on to create a greater opportunity for the league, the teams, the players, and the fans.”

If you were wishing someone would put up the 1990 Syracuse vs. Brown quarterfinal game, today is lucky day.

The Juice Online with a post on Syracuse’s 2019 schedule.

When the 2019 Syracuse lacrosse schedule was released a couple of weeks back, there were several items that jumped out to us:

The reconfiguration of the ACC Tournament to end the regular season the weekend before the NCAA Tournament gets underway (details below), necessitated moving the Colgate game from the season-ending tune-up sandwiched between the ACC and NCAA games, to the season opener, this year in the Dome.

With Colgate followed by annual games against other state foes Albany and Army, plus a second straight year hosting Johns Hopkins because of prior scheduling conflicts, and the conference rotation with home/away games, it means SU has seven straight home games to begin the season, not playing an away outdoor game until March 30 at Notre Dame.

The Lacrosse Network with a big announcement.

I usually ignore recruiting news, but this is a special one from Penn State.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

LEAVE THE JERSEY SEALS ALONE: Sleeping seal harassed by so many people on Jersey Shore that it had to be rescued.

An adorable little seal trying to get some sun in North Wildwood had its afternoon nap interrupted by too many onlookers, and had to be moved to avoid being harassed, rescuers said.

“We keep telling people, for 40 years, leave the animal alone,” said Bob Schoelkopf, founding director of the Brigantine-based Marine Mammal Stranding Center, which responded to the jetty in North Wildwood to take the seal Monday. “The animal belongs there.”

When temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for seals to slip out of the water, taking some time to rest, dry off and warm up in the sun, he said. But the sight can alarm passersby, who think the animals are hurt or dying when they’re really just trying to get some rest.

World/National News

Woof: Going to Disneyland is going to be more expensive than ever.

As Lando Calrissian once griped: “This deal is getting worse all the time!” Disneyland announced it’s significantly hiking its already steep ticket prices once again, this time as it prepares to open its eagerly anticipated Star Wars expansion. As reported by the Associated Press, the cheapest single-day ticket for a “low-demand” day in the Anaheim, Calif., park will now cost you triple digits for the first time — $104. The least expensive daily ticket to Disney World in Florida will be $109. The price of a ticket for a high-demand day is up to $149. The rates for annual passes and parking are, of course, also going up (it now costs $25 to park your car). So, for a family of four going to Disneyland on a popular day, that’s $621 before you’ve even walked through the gates.

Your GIF/Video for January 8, 2019

I’ve been laughing at this since yesterday.

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