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College Crosse Prospectus - January 31, 2019: College Crossecast 2019 Conference Previews For The ACC, Big Ten, and Ivy League

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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UK Met Office Issues Warning After The Coldest Night Of The Winter Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for January 31, 2019.

College Crosse News

Finally: The heavy hitters get their shows as we wrap up our suite of conference preview podcasts.

It’s almost time to set the opening faceoff to the 2019 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse season, and we here at College Crosse are here to help with a deep dive into each conference with a preview episode of College Crossecast.

Instead of lumping all our season previews together, we’re giving you an individualized episode for each conference to keep things nice and tidy. It also means that you don’t have to sit through an hour and a half of other teams before getting to the conference race that matters to you.

To wrap up our episodes, I’m joined by Safe and Jake as we tackle the ACC, Big Ten, and Ivy League. There’s plenty of national title contenders in these conferences and some wild races for the conference crown to come, so get yourself all set for what should be the best conferences in college lacrosse by listening to these episodes. You can also check out the other conferences by heading over to Podomatic, subscribing on iTunes and Google Play, or brand new for 2019, following us on Spotify. You’ll also get every new episode right to your computer or phone by subscribing.

9 News NBC did a segment on the Denver Pioneers and how excited the team is about the new shot clock rule.

The DU lacrosse team will look different this year thanks to new players and a new rule that will make the Pioneers play faster. Killing the clock is now a thing of the past thanks to a new 80-second shot clock. College lacrosse is taking a page from basketball to speed the game up and hopefully make it better. “It’s great for the game,” said DU head coach Bill Tierney. “We are trying to draw fans, it’s the fastest growing sport in the country. It’s going to be great for the fans and the kids love it. The kids like playing fast and we certainly have enough guys to do it. I think it’s going to be good for the game.” The game will certainly change and not just from this season to past seasons, but from month to month believes Tierney.

The Kid has landed! Chris is over in the Beehive State with ESPN for Utah’s first game as a D I program on Friday versus Vermont. Make sure you follow him on social media for some great content.

Duke was picked to win the ACC in the ACC’s preseason men’s lacrosse coaches poll.

Duke is the preseason favorite in the 2019 ACC Men’s Lacrosse Preseason Coaches Poll. The Blue Devils received 21 points in balloting among the ACC’s five head coaches. Notre Dame was No. 2 with 17 points, followed by Virginia (16), Syracuse (14) and North Carolina (7). The Preseason All-ACC Team features 14 student-athletes representing all five conference teams, with four selections each from Duke and Virginia, three from Syracuse, two from Notre Dame and one from North Carolina. Included on the Preseason All-ACC Team are nine players who earned All-America honors from the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) All-Americans for the 2018 season.


Cornell hopes to carry 2018’s winning ways into 2019.

Cornell lacrosse is back in its familiar position heading into the 2019 season — a contender for an Ivy League championship, and possibly a national title to go with it. The Big Red tradition is intertwined with winning, but it took last year to get the program back on that track.

After two consecutive losing seasons, interim coach Peter Milliman led the Big Red to the Ivy League tournament championship and a berth in the NCAA quarterfinals. Led by sophomore sensation Jeff Teat, Cornell established itself as one of the nation’s best heading in 2019.

Now the official head coach, Milliman brought his team to the fall with more expectations than in years past. He doesn’t feel pressure to replicate the success of 2018, but his team is focused on doing just that.

These Utes are hungry!!

Here’s a great article on former JHU men’s lacrosse star & current Patriots assistant, Mike Pellegrino.

Here we are, another Super Bowl that Mike Pellegrino won’t get to enjoy because he has to work.

That’s the downside of Pellegrino’s job. There are others such as the long hours, relative anonymity, and the pressure to conform and perform to a standard that demands just about everything a person can give. Pellegrino, you see, is a defensive coaching assistant for the Patriots, one of the lowest rungs in the NFL, and he’s been there for four years. So that means this will be the third straight Super Bowl where he won’t get to do what his friends and most other 25-year-olds do: Kick back with a beer, scoop some guacamole, and just watch the game.

In fact, he’ll try to forget it’s even Super Bowl Sunday when he takes the team bus to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta next week, rides the elevator up to his perch in the coaching box while wearing his Patriots polo short, puts his headset on, and focuses on the task at hand.

Calling all Orange fans! Check out CitrusTV’s 2019 Syracuse Lacrosse Preview Show.

Bill Belichick’s football genius was born on the Wesleyan lacrosse field.

“I realized here that there are so many talented people at this school that you could draw from their talents to make yourself a better person or resolve a problem and that’s what I have taken into coaching,” Belichick said in a video provided by Wesleyan University, where he graduated in 1975.

While at Wesleyan University, Belichick lettered in football, lacrosse and squash. It was his experience on the lacrosse team that gave some a glimpse into the future.

”He was captain of the lacrosse team,” said Mike Whalen, Wesleyan’s Athletic Director and a friend of Belichick. “Coach Jackson still tells stories today of when Belichick was a junior or senior he would be on the sidelines drawing up plays and talking to his teammates about where he should be on the field. He was much more a coach on the field than a player.”

BOSS Berkman did an interview to preview Salisbury’s 2019 season.

Rutgers men’s lacrosse can’t wait to get the 2019 season started.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

No take-out for you: New Philly ramen spot doesn’t let you order take-out or take doggy bags home.

Neighborhood Ramen owners Lindsay Steigerwald and Jesse Pryor did their research. Before opening the brick-and-mortar location of their cult favorite ramen pop-up last week, the couple traveled the country sipping broth and slurping noodles at acclaimed ramen shops in cities like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and San Francisco ... But one Japanese ramen tradition might pose a bit of a learning curve for Americans: at Japanese ramen shops, doggy bags simply aren’t done — which means that asking for your remaining noodles and broth to be packed up for tomorrow’s lunch isn’t an option.

“We’re trying to make our shop as true to a Japanese ramen shop as we can, and that’s just not a thing there,” Steigerwald says. “People go, enjoy their food, and they leave.”

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Benjamin Franklin was right: Study finds that early risers enjoy better mental health.

Early to bed and early to rise is a maxim that’s easy to follow for some people, and devilishly hard for others. Now, in a study published Tuesday in Nature Communications, researchers curious about the genetic underpinnings of chronotype — whether you are a morning person, a night owl or somewhere in between — looked at about 700,000 people’s genomes. They identified 351 variations that may be connected to when people go to bed. While these variants are just the beginning of exploring the differences in chronotypes, the study goes on to suggest tantalizing links between chronotype and mental health.

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