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College Crossecast presents Ryan and Jake’s Seasons Ep. 2: Turning Points

There’s many points where a program’s fortunes can totally change. We debate some of them that changed the NCAA Lacrosse landscape.

HINT HINT to one of the turning points we debate.
Ryan McDonnell

If you enjoyed last week’s episode where Jake and I did a deep dive into unusually bad seasons, you’ll love the one we whipped up this time. In this special edition of College Crossecast, we attempt to mark the turning points of several NCAA Lacrosse teams, for better or for worse.

The premise is simple. We answer “where can we pinpoint the game or event that caused a program to be where they are right now?” It ended up being a fun exercise and we tackled quite a few teams along the way. Here’s a rundown of the teams we covered

Johns Hopkins and Virginia: Have we mentioned last week’s episode?
Cornell: 3:00
Navy: 11:45
Princeton: 16:30
Denver: 33:15
Stony Brook: 38:00
Maryland: 44:50
Syracuse: 57:45
Notre Dame: 1:02:20
North Carolina: 1:07:48
Albany: 1:12:43
Towson: 1:13:30
Hofstra: 1:15:15
Ohio State: 1:19:20
Yale: 1:21:00
Potential Turning Points from recent events: 1:26:50
And we wrap it up on a digression of course. Yes, we return to This is Us episode description banter (1:37:00).

If you’ve got any more ideas for our evergreen podcasts, hit Jake and I up on Twitter or let us know in the comments. Next up we’ll be doing the best teams not to win the NCAA Championship, so give us some suggestions and we’ll tackle them.

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