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College Crosse Top 20 Poll for April 30, 2018

Another crazy week brings more changes.

Yale Athletics

It may not have been last week’s shake-up that saw both #1 and #2 go down, but this was another wild and crazy week in college lacrosse, and it led to more changes in the College Crosse Top 20, both inside the Top 10 and outside of it.

Yale remained #1 this week after their rivalry victory over Harvard. They gained two more #1 votes, for a total of eight, but still aren’t our unanimous #1. The Maryland Terrapins, who moved up to #2 in light of Duke’s loss to Notre Dame, also received a #1 vote. Duke wasn’t the only Top 5 team to fall, as Cornell got blown out in their rivalry game against Princeton and tumbled. Denver took care of business to remain in the #3 spot, and Albany and Loyola follow them at #4 and #5 respectively. There was a big restructuring outside the Top 10, where Navy, Bucknell, Penn State, and Syracuse - ranked 10-T12th last week - all suffered losses and fell backwards, Penn State dropping out of the Top 20. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s win in the ACC Tournament Blatant RPI Booster saw the Irish go from outside the Top 20 into the #8 spot. Ohio State’s big win over Rutgers got the Buckeyes all the way up to #12 in this week’s poll.

Just to review our pollsters for anyone new to our blog, this year we have Jack Goods (The Buffalo News) and Caroline Darney (SB Nation & Streaking The Lawn) voting alongside Chris, Ryan, Adam, Safe, and myself. Additionally, we asked new writers Dan & Skyler to join us in voting for the remainder of the regular season, which gives us a total of 9 voters in our Poll.

You can find our official College Crosse Top 20 Poll for this week directly below (Numbers within ()s indicate the number of 1st place votes a team received). Moreover, below the official Top 20 graph you can find our ballots for this week’s Poll.

College Crosse Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Yale (8)
2 Maryland (1)
3 Denver
4 Albany
5 Loyola
6 Johns Hopkins
7 Duke
8 Notre Dame
9 Cornell
10 Virginia
11 UMass
12 Ohio State
13 Rutgers
T14 Georgetown
T14 Villanova
16 St. Joseph's
17 Syracuse
18 Navy
19 Bucknell
20 Vermont

College Crosse Ballots

Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Jack Goods Safe Fekadu Caroline Darney Skyler Gilbert Dan Arestia
Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Jack Goods Safe Fekadu Caroline Darney Skyler Gilbert Dan Arestia
1 Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Maryland Yale Yale Yale
2 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Yale Maryland Maryland Maryland
3 Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver
4 Loyola Albany Albany Albany Loyola Loyola Loyola Albany Albany
5 Albany Duke Duke Loyola Albany Duke Albany Johns Hopkins Loyola
6 Johns Hopkins Loyola Loyola Duke Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Loyola Duke
7 Notre Dame Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Notre Dame Albany Notre Dame Notre Dame Hopkins
8 Duke Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Duke Notre Dame Duke Duke Notre Dame
9 Cornell UMass Virginia Cornell Cornell Virginia Virginia Cornell Cornell
10 Ohio State Cornell Cornell Virginia UMass Cornell Cornell Massachusetts Umass
11 Virginia Virginia UMass UMass Virginia Ohio State UMass Virginia Ohio State
12 UMass Rutgers Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State UMass Ohio State Rutgers UVA
13 Rutgers St. Joseph's Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers Georgetown Rutgers Ohio State Rutgers
14 Georgetown Ohio State Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova Georgetown Syracuse Villanova
15 Villanova Georgetown Georgetown Saint Joseph's Georgetown Rutgers Villanova Villanova Georgetown
16 Navy Navy St. Joseph's Georgetown St. Joseph's St. Joe's St. Joseph's Georgetown Syracuse
17 Syracuse Syracuse Navy Navy Navy Syracuse Bucknell Penn State Navy
18 St. Joseph's Villanova Vermont Syracuse Syracuse Bucknell Syracuse Bucknell St. Joe's
19 Bucknell Richmond Syracuse Bucknell Bucknell Robert Morris Vermont Saint Joseph Bucknell
20 Princeton Bucknell Richmond Vermont Vermont Princeton Robert Morris Princeton UVM