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College Crosse Top 20 Poll for April 24, 2018

The poll sees it’s biggest shake-up yet

Yale Athletics

The College Crosse Top 20 saw perhaps it’s biggest shake-up of the season so far, as the #1 Maryland Terrapins and #2 Albany Great Danes both suffered losses just a few hours apart from each other on Sunday. This has caused a big restructuring of the Top 10, as have several other notable results that saw ranked teams fall this weekend.

The new #1 in the College Crosse Top 20 is the Yale Bulldogs, coming off a decisive and dominant win over previously #2 Albany. It’s not a unanimous #1 though, as the Duke Blue Devils received 3 number one votes - Yale received six - and now move into the #2 spot. Maryland and Albany fell from #1 and #2 to #4 and #6 respectively. Denver moved up a spot to #3, while Cornell entered the Top 5 for the first time all year at #5. Other upsets such as Syracuse’s loss to Navy saw the Orange drop from 10th to a tie for 12th with Penn State, and Notre Dame’s loss to North Carolina saw the Irish fall out of the Top 20 for the first time all season.

Just to review our pollsters for anyone new to our blog, this year we have Jack Goods (The Buffalo News) and Caroline Darney (SB Nation & Streaking The Lawn) voting alongside Chris, Ryan, Adam, Safe, and myself. Additionally, we asked new writers Dan & Skyler to join us in voting for the remainder of the regular season, which gives us a total of 9 voters in our Poll.

You can find our official College Crosse Top 20 Poll for this week directly below (Numbers within ()s indicate the number of 1st place votes a team received). Moreover, below the official Top 20 graph you can find our ballots for this week’s Poll.

College Crosse Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Yale (6)
2 Duke (3)
3 Denver
4 Maryland
5 Cornell
6 Albany
7 Loyola
8 Johns Hopkins
9 Rutgers
10 Navy
11 Bucknell
T12 Penn State
T12 Syracuse
14 UMass
15 Virginia
16 Georgetown
17 St. Joseph's
18 Villanova
19 Robert Morris
20 Ohio State

College Crosse Ballots

Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Jack Goods Safe Fekadu Caroline Darney Skyler Gilbert Dan Arestia
Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Jack Goods Safe Fekadu Caroline Darney Skyler Gilbert Dan Arestia
1 Yale Duke Yale Yale Yale Duke Duke Yale Yale
2 Duke Yale Duke Duke Duke Maryland Yale Duke Duke
3 Denver Denver Maryland Denver Denver Yale Albany Denver Denver
4 Loyola Maryland Denver Cornell Cornell Denver Maryland Albany Cornell
5 Maryland Albany Albany Maryland Loyola Johns Hopkins Denver Cornell Albany
6 Cornell Cornell Cornell Albany Maryland Cornell Johns Hopkins Maryland Maryland
7 Albany Rutgers Johns Hopkins Loyola Albany Rutgers Loyola Loyola Loyola
8 Johns Hopkins Loyola Rutgers Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Albany Cornell Johns Hopkins Hopkins
9 Rutgers Johns Hopkins Loyola Rutgers Rutgers Bucknell Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers
10 Navy Navy Navy Navy Navy Loyola Virginia Navy Navy
11 Bucknell Syracuse Bucknell Bucknell Bucknell Navy Navy Penn State Bucknell
12 Penn State Bucknell Syracuse Penn State Penn State UMass Syracuse Syracuse Penn State
13 Syracuse Penn State Penn State Syracuse Syracuse Penn State UMass Massachusetts Syracuse
14 Virginia UMass Virginia UMass UMass Georgetown Bucknell Bucknell UVA
15 UMass Virginia Robert Morris Virginia Virginia Syracuse Georgetown Virginia UMass
16 Georgetown St. Joseph's UMass Georgetown Georgetown Robert Morris Penn State Ohio State Georgetown
17 Villanova Georgetown Villanova Villanova Robert Morris Virginia St. Joe's Saint Joseph's St Joe's
18 St. Joseph's Robert Morris Georgetown Notre Dame Villanova St. Joe's Villanova Georgetown Villanova
19 Notre Dame Villanova St. Joseph's Saint Joseph's Notre Dame Villanova Robert Morris Colgate Ohio State
20 Ohio State Notre Dame Ohio State Robert Morris Saint Joseph's Ohio State Ohio State Villanova Notre Dame