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Reverse Survivor: More teams are gone!

From 10 to five, half of the team from last week are off the island!

Florida Gets Exemption From Trump Administration Barring Off Shore Drilling Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For the second straight week, half of the remaining field is gone from the 2018 Reverse Survivor competition*, including both Long Island teams.

The teams that are on to better things:

Only two teams won in Reverse Survivor-offs this week, so good for them. This week, we have zero Reverse Survivor-offs, so these remaining five teams will have to earn their victory the hard way.

Reverse Survivor Week 3

Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Binghamton 0-5 @ Cornell 3/6 vs. Delaware 3/10
Furman 0-5 vs. Penn State (at Georgetown Prep) 3/6 vs. Richmond 3/17
High Point 0-6 vs. Bellarmine 3/17 vs. Richmond 3/24
NJIT 0-6 vs. Princeton 3/6 @ UMass 3/10
Saint Joseph's 0-2 vs. St. John's 3/6 @ Monmouth 3/10

Candidates To Leave The Island

High Point is confirmed to stay on the island for at least another week, since they don’t have another game until March 17. Furman plays today against Penn State, but a loss would also keep them on the island until March 17 at the earliest.

That leaves Binghamton, NJIT, and St. Joe’s remaining. The Bearcats have Cornell and Delaware this week. They might be able to shock people against Cornell, but I doubt that. And I don’t think they beat Delaware.

NJIT hosts Princeton before playing UMass. Their best chance to get a win is against the Minutemen on Saturday.

That leaves St. Joe’s, which has St. John’s at home today. They look like they’re the best team to leave the Reverse Survivor island this week, but the Red Storm have looked pretty good this season, especially in a one-goal loss to North Carolina. If the Hawks lose today, they can get their first win over Monmouth.

I can definitely see no guarantees this week. But that doesn’t leave out for any surprises!

*Hampton is also winless, but since they’re still in a transition schedule that features many Division II and III schools, they are not eligible for this season. To include a program that doesn’t play a full Division I schedule in this competition misses the point.