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Updated College Crosse Top 20 Poll For February 7, 2018.

Busy weekend coming up!

BRITAIN-VOTE Photo credit should read Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

As many of you know, we did our College Crosse 2018 Preseason Top 20 Poll back in December. We decided to update our picks before the first real weekend of lacrosse in light of some developments in January and the dozen or so games from last weekend. This year we have Jack Goods (The Buffalo News), James Simmons (Troy Nunes), and Caroline Darney (SB Nation & Streaking The Lawn) voting alongside Chris, Marisa, Ryan, Adam, Jake, & myself.

Directly below you can find each of our top 20 votes and the graph below that is our College Crosse 2018 Top 20 going into Week 1, with our votes from December in the next column so as you can compare the differences since December. We also have one transaction in our College Crosse Fantasy league!

Week 1 College Crosse Top 20 Polls & Fantasy League Transactions

Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Safe Fekadu Marisa Ingemi Jack Goods Jim Simmons Caroline Darney Rank
Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Safe Fekadu Marisa Ingemi Jack Goods Jim Simmons Caroline Darney Rank
1 Duke Albany Duke Duke Maryland Duke Duke Albany Duke 1
2 Denver Duke Albany Albany Denver Maryland Albany Denver Maryland 2
3 Maryland Denver Maryland Denver Albany Denver Denver Duke Denver 3
4 Albany Maryland Yale Maryland Duke Albany Maryland Maryland Albany 4
5 Rutgers Yale Denver Yale Yale Notre Dame Notre Dame Rutgers Yale 5
6 Yale Rutgers Rutgers Notre Dame Notre Dame Ohio State Yale Yale Notre Dame 6
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Syracuse Syracuse Penn State Ohio State 7
8 Loyola Ohio State Notre Dame Rutgers Syracuse Yale Ohio State Notre Dame Syracuse 8
9 Ohio State Towson Syracuse Syracuse Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers North Carolina Rutgers 9
10 Johns Hopkins Syracuse Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Loyola Loyola Johns Hopkins Syracuse Loyola 10
11 Syracuse Penn State Army Loyola North Carolina North Carolina Loyola Virginia North Carolina 11
12 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Johns Hopkins Hopkins North Carolina Ohio State Johns Hopkins 12
13 Towson Johns Hopkins Penn State Towson Towson Boston U. Towson Johns Hopkins Towson 13
14 Penn State Villanova Loyola Penn State Villanova Towson Villanova Towson Virginia 14
15 Army Boston Univ. Villanova Army West Point Virginia Villanova Army Loyola Villanova 15
16 Virginia Loyola Towson Villanova Boston Univ. Virginia Virginia Army Penn State 16
17 Villanova Army Virginia Virginia Penn State Penn State Boston U. Brown Boston Univ. 17
18 Boston Univ. Brown Boston Univ. Boston Univ. Princeton Army Penn State Boston Univ. Princeton 18
19 Princeton Providence Princeton Penn Army Princeton Brown Navy Brown 19
20 Vermont Richmond Vermont Brown Vermont Providence Princeton Princeton Army 20
Add: Kenny Massa, Bryant
Drop: Joe Francisco, Rutgers

The College Crosse Updated Top 20 For February 7, 2018.

Rank Updated College Crosse Poll Preseason Poll
Rank Updated College Crosse Poll Preseason Poll
1 Duke Duke
2 Albany Albany
3 Denver Maryland
4 Maryland Denver
5 Yale Rutgers
6 Notre Dame Yale
7 Rutgers Notre Dame
8 Ohio State Syracuse
9 Syracuse Ohio State
10 Johns Hopkins Penn State
11 North Carolina Johns Hopkins
12 Loyola North Carolina
13 Towson Towson
14 Penn State Loyola
15 Army Army
16 Boston Univ. Virginia
17 Villanova Providence
18 Virginia BU
19 Princeton Brown
20 Brown Princeton

Rutgers dropped a bit from our Preseason Poll. The news that Adam Charalambides was out for the season took a little luster off of the Scarlet Knights, though RU is still seventh overall in our updated poll. Penn State dropped four slots after their loss to Villanova last weekend. The win over the Nittany Lions helped catapult the Wildcats into the top 20 after not making the cut back in December. Let us know what you think about our poll in the comments section.