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A COLLEGE CROSSECAST Christmas 2018: Jake and Ryan: Television Producers

Jake and Ryan have to come up with television shows that they will absolutely hate but critics will love. These are the results.

Julien’s Auctions Previews The Collection Of Burt Reynolds Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last year, Jake and I had the completely self-centered idea of bringing our DM conversations out of the darkness and making a Christmas special out of that. But they say the holiday season is about putting others before yourself. So this year, we reached out and asked what you’d like for us to do for this year’s episode.

Thanks to everyone who voted, as we came up with the result we wanted to do in the first place: creating trite television shows that audiences will eat up even though we hate every fiber of our being for bringing to life.

We each have to come up with a television show for network television, prestige television (HBO, Showtime, etc.), and streaming services. What we ended up was:

-Rebooting some 90’s show
-A critically acclaimed comedy with not many laughs
-A ‘This is Us’ ripoff
-A 10 “chapter” murder drama
-An 8-part “limited engagement series” about Princess Diana
-A series about a white family in Americana getting trapped into the world of crime
-A gritty reboot of ‘The Boxcar Children’
-And because it’s the holidays, the Italian-Jewish Christmas/Hanukkah Hallmark movie that you somehow can’t believe never has been made yet

Oh, and we also critique that bar in DC that went viral Sunday.

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