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The 2nd Annual COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ask Us Anything Podcast is Coming: Submit Your Questions

Next week we’re continuing a Thanksgiving tradition of sorts, so we need you to help contribute

US Postal Service Tests Segway Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One of the fun things we do with our College Crossecast podcast platform is opening things up to our loyal listeners and readers each November. And this year we’ll be doing our second edition of the Ask Us Anything podcast.

We’re opening up our mailbag once again and the podcast will be made better by some of the questions you send along to us. Have a question for us to answer about lacrosse, other sports, life, or anything that isn’t politics? Here’s how to reach us:

Given how last year’s edition went, most likely we’ll be answering every question sent along. We had to fill in a couple of questions for time sakes, so if you want more original stuff rather than us shooting the breeze, get your questions in to make the episode more fun!

Also be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a survey, as we’re always looking for listener feedback. The regular season for the podcast, believe it or not, is only going to be about two months away. We’d love to see what we’re doing right, what we can improve on, and what you want more of. It’s the time of the year to start brainstorming for Season 4 of the Crossecast, so this is the time that would be perfect to get some feedback.

The Ask Us Anything episode will be recorded next Thursday, November 15th. Get your questions in and we’ll include them on the podcast!