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Introducing College Crosse’s Newest Podcast: Across College Lacrosse

One of the newer additions to College Crosse’s family of podcasts for this year.

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Let’s just get right to the point: We have another new podcast debuting here at College Crosse. This one is called, right now, Across College Lacrosse. It’s kind of a working title, but if you have suggestions, please drop your names titles in a place that I can see them. You can check out the preview episode at the bottom of this page.

My podcast will be a little different than the weekly College Crossecasts. First, they’ll be bi-weekly, dropping on Monday and Thursday. They’ll also be about 40-45 minutes an episode, some going longer if guests come on.

The idea of my own podcast came back in August when I wanted to try to do a daily podcast for college lacrosse. But after consulting with our good pal John Barchard over at BGN Radio, he told me to focus on quality over quantity first.

So that’s what I’m doing!

I’m working on getting some guests to come on very soon to kick things off and get this thing off and running. I won’t unveil names just yet. Expect the first episode to drop next Monday, since this week could get crazy because, you know, the Eagles.

I’m also very open to having a co-host as well, since talking to myself for 40ish minutes may get bland over time. If you’re interested, shoot me a message on my Twitter @CFJastrzembski. We can go from there.

So I hope you all join the ride that I’ll be directing and give the show a follow on Soundcloud, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts from! If you use Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or TuneIn, they should go up sometime this upcoming week.