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College Crosse Prospectus - September 7, 2017: More Lacrosse To Football Crossovers; Dylan Maltz joins Evergreen Lacrosse Club Staff.

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for September 7, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Lacrosse really is the Giving Tree for all the other sports: Wisconsin’s Jack Coan, from lacrosse standout to backup quarterback.

University of Wisconsin football head coach Paul Chryst recently named Jack Coan second on the quarterback depth chart for the upcoming season — but he is definitely not your stereotypical Wisconsin backup.

Hailing from Long Island, the two sport star from Sayville High School was a heavily recruited lacrosse player who originally committed to play at perennial lacrosse power Notre Dame University. Long Island is a hotbed for lacrosse and top recruiters flock from across the country to witness the talent on the island. Although Coan verbally committed to play lacrosse at Notre Dame at the end of his freshmen season at Sayville, he continued to play football throughout the rest of his high school career.

“A lot of the guys who played football played lacrosse and vice versa, and it was great just being around the same guys there all the time,” Coan said.

#AnotherOne: Nebraska Cornhuskers freshman JD Spielman used to be a BALLER in high school.

Spielman also has a secret weapon that should be a poster for kids playing multiple sports in high school. Spielman was a prep lacrosse star. In that sport, he said, he had to learn to have open-field vision and good lateral footwork that has translated to receiver. “A lot of my (receiver) footwork didn’t come from football, because in high school I played running back, and so I never really had to know much footwork,” Spielman said. “It was mostly ‘run north or south’ type stuff. Lacrosse is where I gained it. I needed more footwork there, and lacrosse helped with my hand-eye coordination.” Spielman flashed those talents when he caught a second-down fade pass from Lee that gained 35 yards and set up the Huskers’ final touchdown of the opener. Spielman bolted past the corner and ran down Lee’s pass near the sideline with an over-the-shoulder catch. It’s the kind of play that makes him happy he chose football over lacrosse at Ohio State.

Future Ohio State men’s lacrosse player Elijah Black is making plays on the football field.

Elijah Black is a household name in local lacrosse circles. His next goal is to become a household name in football. The St. Viator junior running back split carries with Jack Scislowski in Friday's 20-14 overtime loss to Lake Forest at Robert Morris in Arlington Heights.

Black, who committed to play lacrosse for Ohio State in February, said he is excited about becoming a standout on the football team. He had 13 carries for a game-high 71 yards against the Scouts (2-0).

"I just want to make a name for myself in the football world," Black said. "I have a name for myself in lacrosse, just because I've been working so hard on it, but now it's time for me to step up in football. I've made a bigger impact in lacrosse than football."

#AnotherOne: Star lacrosse player Olivia Brack is crushing her side gig as starting kicker on her high school team.

Loria has routinely recruited soccer players to kick for his program. Yet Olivia isn’t playing soccer at Bloomfield Hills; she plays lacrosse instead and will be a team captain next spring. Her commitment to football isn’t questioned. She works closely with kicking coach and neighbor Ali Haji-Sheikh, who kicked at Michigan in 1979-82 before playing five seasons and making a Pro Bowl in the NFL. Olivia said she enjoys “the thrill of going out there and getting to kick,” and doesn’t mind when she’s called upon in a tense situation. “It’s nerve-wracking but also exciting,” she said. “I try to stay as loose as possible on the sidelines and keep my nerves down. I know I can do it; I trust my holder (Jayden Hanna) and my snapper ... and everyone blocking.”

Here’s a great US Lacrosse post on DIII lacrosse.

Starry eyed prospects dream of playing Division I lacrosse. But with only so many spots to fill with each recruiting class, the bubble bursts. There are plenty of other opportunities to play college lacrosse, many of which provide a similar experience. Between Division II and III, MCLA and WCLA and NAIA lacrosse, there are hundreds of programs from which to choose.

The Division I outcast is not doomed. “I’m someone who always had high expectations for himself, so I always thought I’d be playing Division I lacrosse,” Roanoke sophomore Wyatt Naylor told US Lacrosse Magazine earlier this year. Instead, Naylor has found a more suitable spot at one of the preeminent Division III men’s lacrosse schools in the country.

It’s banner time!!

Good news, the Daily Mail did a lacrosse post!! Bad news, it’s about a doctor’s warning that children shouldn’t play it because of concussion issues.

The doctor who inspired the Will Smith movie Concussion says teenagers should not play lacrosse or ice hockey - and only over-14s should play soccer. There is a growing wave of calls to ban school children - and even adults - from playing American football, given the burgeoning research linking blows to the head with crippling brain diseases like CTE. Dr Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who discovered CTE, has said letting children play the contact sport is 'the definition of child abuse'. But he warns that is hardly the only sport that could inflict life-long damage on a child's brain.

The 'big six' to avoid, he says, are football, rugby, boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, and ice hockey. But speaking to Today ahead of releasing his new book My Alarming Discovery About The Danger Of Contact Sports, he said other sports carry dangers too. 'Lacrosse has one of the highest concussion rates across all sports. It’s a very dangerous sport — people need to know that. I also don’t think kids younger than 18 should play it,' he said.

Check out this WallGames Lacrosse video from Brooklyn, NY.


Former Maryland Terps star Dylan Maltz joins Evergreen Lacrosse Club Staff.

Coach Maltz recently graduated from the University of Maryland after winning the National Championship this past spring. He started for the Terps for the past three years at the attack position after spending his freshman season at Syracuse University. He finished his collegiate career with 72 goals, 21 assists and 56 ground balls. “He is a phenomenal player on the field and is an exceptional coach,” said Ricky Reyes, Evergreen Lacrosse Club’s technical director. “He has the unique ability to easily transfer his knowledge of the game to younger athletes and is always actively coaching the players up—something that we hold very high here at Evergreen. We know that Dylan will help us take yet another step in the right direction in making this club the premiere developmental lacrosse club in Virginia.”

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Center City institution Sandy’s announced that they are shutting down after nearly 40 years.

Stella Mitoulis was weeping. She and her husband, Nick, sat Monday afternoon in a window booth of their Center City restaurant, Sandy’s, surrounded by the cards and flowers and gifts — tokens of a life spent behind one of the best diner counters in this ever-changing city. The grill was cold, the lunch crowd had gone. Nick and Stella had but one more shift. And then, after nearly 40 years: retirement.

World/National News.

Looks like TMZ is getting some competition.

Before dawn on Wednesday, a celebrity news site here published an anonymously sourced article about a kerfuffle involving Scott Disick of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fame.

It was a classic TMZ scoop. Except that it was not. The article was from The Blast, a new, well-financed entrant on the sharp-elbowed celebrity news scene that is run by Mike Walters, who left TMZ about eight months ago after clashing with that site’s founder, Harvey Levin.

“I’m going to do what I’ve done for the last 15 years, which is break news with credibility and backbone and authority,” said Mr. Walters, who previously ran TMZ’s news desk. “There hasn’t been a new face in this space for a long time. It’s time.”

Your GIF for September 7, 2017.

This is how people get trust issues.

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