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College Crosse Prospectus - September 3, 2017: US Lacrosse Blue-White Exhibition Today; Texas Football Loses To Lacrosse School (Maryland).

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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Maryland v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for September 3, 2017.

College Crosse News.

USA Lacrosse will have its Blue-White exhibition today.

The nation’s best men's lacrosse players will be on display when the U.S. national team holds a Blue-White exhibition game on Sunday, Sept. 3 at 12 noon on William G. Tierney Field at US Lacrosse headquarters in Sparks, Md. The game is open to the public and free of charge. The coaching staff, led by Duke head coach John Danowski, will split up the 49 players that were named to the U.S. training team following tryouts at US Lacrosse in July. The training team includes 11 players that represented the U.S. at the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men’s World Championship in Denver, Colorado, including Tucker Durkin, Rob Pannell and Paul Rabil, who were all named to the all-world team at the event.

Weston-based group makes huge lacrosse donation.

Stick to Your Goals, a Weston-based community service effort whose mission is to help grow the game of lacrosse across the city of Boston, recently made the single largest non-corporate equipment donation to Boston MetroLacrosse in the program’s 17-year history. Led by siblings Sam (Weston High School freshman) and Molly Ross (Weston Middle School sixth-grader), Stick to Your Goals donated over 25 lacrosse helmets, more than 50 sticks, full sets of pads, cleats and uniforms to Pat Cronin, program director of Boston MetroLacrosse. This thriving inner-city lacrosse program supports over 700 boys and girls in grades 3 to 12 as they play and learn the sport in traditionally underserved communities in Boston and Chelsea during the regular season and with summer camps.

Michigan Football's Wilton Speight used to be a BALLER in high school.

Here are five things you need to know about Speight, Michigan’s starting quarterback for its season opener against Florida.

Speight was a pretty good lacrosse player - When Pep Hamilton was coaching at Stanford, he visited The Collegiate School in Richmond, Va., to watch a defensive end on the football team who also played lacrosse. He noticed another lacrosse player, instead. “I saw this 6-foot-5, scrawny lacrosse player out there, who was extremely quick and athletic for his size,” Hamilton said during Michigan’s spring practices. “It was brought to my attention that was Wilton Speight, and he was the quarterback of the [Collegiate football] team. I think they told me he was going to N.C. State, or something, at the time. And lo and behold, I have an opportunity to work with him.”

Mia Gordon caught up with BOSS Petro's twin boys at this year's Jr. NLL tournament.

Shout out to UMass Lowell’s Noah Lambert.

At the end of her freshman year in college, Noelle Lambert was at the top of her game. A rising star of the UMass Lowell lacrosse team, she had just come off her first season as a top scorer for the school’s Division 1 program.

Then, an accident changed everything. “The second the accident happened, when I was laying on the ground, lacrosse jumped into my head immediately. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, what am I going to do?’” recalled Lambert, now a junior at the college. Lambert had been riding a moped with a teammate when they collided with a truck on Martha’s Vineyard. Upon impact, her leg was severed. The injuries resulted in amputation.

“I was just like, this is going to be tough,” Lambert said, “This isn't going to be a walk in the park.” But that did not stop her from making plans to return to school and the sport. After receiving a prosthetic limb, Lambert slowly began to walk and run, again. In the spring, she began training on a treadmill and outside, all with the goal of joining her lacrosse team this year.

“My goal is to step back on the field again,” she explained. “I'm not going to act like nothing happened, but just overcome my accident.”

Check out this great video of the 1994 regular season game between UNC & Syracuse, a rematch of the 1993 title game.

Maryland (a lacrosse school) dropped 51 points on Texas (a football school) yesterday in a big win in Austin, TX.

In this decade, caring about Maryland football has been a thankless tease. The Terps hired Randy Edsall away from UConn before 2011, and they got a couple of middling bowl appearances out of him before firing him in 2015. Nobody would ever confuse Maryland for being good in those years, or in last year’s Quick Lane Bowl debut under DJ Durkin. They’ve been a non-factor in the Big Ten East, and before that, they were a non-factor in the ACC. But there’s always been something that’s kept Maryland fans going.

Twitter had a field day about the upset win.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Day 1 of Made In America Festival wasn’t very lit.

The first day of the sixth annual Budweiser Made in America festival was a soggy one. Raindrops started falling during the first set of the day — by Philadelphia rock quartet Queen Of Jeans — and kept up through most of the nearly 10-hour, five-stage hip-hop heavy show, which was closed out by North Carolina rapper J. Coleon the fest’s Rocky Stage in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps.

It was the first weather-affected Made in America since 2014, when the threat of a lightning storm caused the Ben Franklin Parkway site to be briefly evacuated. Saturday’s rain made the grassy areas around Eakins Oval mushy and kept the crowd size down — most tickets are sold as two-day passes, and it stands to reason a lot more people will show up on Sunday when big deal festival curator Jay-Z headlines.

But did the rain ruin Made in America’s musical parade on Saturday? It was more like a minor annoyance in a day that delivered plenty of pleasures if you were willing to slog your way from stage to stage to find them.

World/National News.

Our immune system might stop us from colonizing Mars.

The astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson commented that ‘dinosaurs are extinct today because they lacked the opposable thumbs and brainpower to build a space programme’ Yet although we now have the technological ability to leave Earth, scientists have found another stumbling block to colonising new worlds - our own immune system. Although it is said we are all made of ‘star stuff’ when it comes to travelling away from our home planet humans are far more vulnerable to the rigours of space than our interstellar origins might suggest

Billions of years of evolution has effectively backed mankind into a corner of the Solar System that it may be now be tricky to leave. A team of scientists from Russia and Canada analysed the effect of microgravity on the protein make-up in blood samples of 18 Russian cosmonauts who lived on the International Space Station for six months.

Your GIF for September 3, 2017.

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