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College Crosse Prospectus - August 28, 2017.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!

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People Walk Along Juno Beach During 59th Anniversary Of D-Day in France

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for August 28, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Here’s a great highlight reel of Matt Rambo when he was in high school.

The Mercer Bears are already getting after it.

Here’s a great story about one of the participants at the Wheelchair Lacrosse USA National Championship this past weekend.

A Sioux Falls wheelchair lacrosse athlete is returning home as a national tournament champion this weekend. Tony LeBoutillier was asked to compete with a California team in the Wheelchair Lacrosse USA National Championship in New York. The tournament wrapped this weekend, and Tony and the San Diego San Diego Rip Tide claimed the championship trophy. The team played a total of five games, competing against 7 other teams. Tony scored two goals overall.

Former Mercer Bears lacrosse player, Josh Williamson, stars in a new NBC Sports Network reality show called Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful.

A new reality show on NBC Sports Network has helped determine spots on several U.S. national team camps.

Former lacrosse player Josh Williamson is one of eight athletes who have taken the newly opened reality-show route to earn a spot on a U.S. national team camp, which is where America's Olympians are eventually chosen. Williamson, who is competing in the men's bobsled, was one of about 3,000 athletes who signed up either at the website or at a 24 Hour Fitness, passed the initial tryout phase, then made the cut down to 91 athletes, who were invited to the Olympic Training Center for a made-for-TV tryout camp.

From there, eight made national team camps for rugby, track cycling, bobsled and skeleton. Those athletes' names were announced at the end of a reality show that aired Friday night on NBC Sports Network called Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful.

"I think the reason I've enjoyed it so much is because I haven't expected any of it," Williamson told The Associated Press. "I thought I'd go out, do my best, and with the work, some things have fallen in my lap."

The doctor who discovered CTE in NFL players has made a banned sports list for kids under 18 and while lacrosse isn’t on it, he still cautions parents against letting their kids play it.

“A concussion is a type of brain damage,” said Omalu, on tour for his book, “Truth doesn’t have a side: My alarming discovery about the danger of contact sports.” “Repeated blows to the head is a type of brain damage. When you play this game you have 100 percent risk of exposure to brain damage.” Omalu also urged parents to be cautious of lacrosse and soccer. “Please, don’t let your child play lacrosse,” he said. “Lacrosse has one of the highest incidences of concussions of all sports. Soccer, there shouldn’t be any heading whatsoever until they are 18.”

Who’s going to wear #22 this year at Syracuse?

Meaningful lacrosse is a long way off, but with students returning to campus, it’s a good time to think about who’s got next. Does the Class of 2021 have a No. 22 within its ranks? Will a returning player be the next to wear the Orange’s fabled jersey? Or will it go unassigned in 2018? Jordan Evans’ graduation in May made the jersey available for the first time in five years. And as Evans’ can attest, it’s no easy task pulling on the 22. When you’re compared to the likes of Powell brothers Mike, Ryan and Casey, Charlie Lockwood, and Gary Gait, among others to have worn the most famous number in college lacrosse, there are hefty expectations.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Oh boy!!: Archdiocese of Philadelphia warns of stolen donations.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia said in a letter to donors this week that it had learned that some donations to two annual fund-raising appeals had been “manually mishandled, misappropriated, or not processed,” allegedly by a TD Bank employee who has been arrested. “Currently, we are working to analyze the level of financial exposure in order to determine restitution for these campaigns,” the letter on behalf of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput states. “It is important to note that this issue could not have been prevented by the archdiocese.

The letter, dated Aug. 24 and signed by Msgr. Daniel Kutys, says the breach could affect both those who mailed donations or put money in baskets passed from pew to pew during Masses. Online donations are not believed to be affected.

World/National News.

I’m going to live forever: Four cups of coffee a day could slash chance of early death.

Drinking four cups of coffee a day could slash the chance of early death, a major study suggests. Research on 20,000 middle-aged men and women found that those who drank it regularly had mortality rates almost two thirds lower. Previous studies have found that coffee can improve liver function, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. The new study suggests that it could reduce the chance of early death from all causes - by as much as two thirds.

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