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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 55: Make Pro Lacrosse Great!

Although the action on the field is superb, there may be other things holding back current and prospective fans.

2015 MLL Championship - Rochester Rattlers v New York Lizards Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Our focus at College Crosse is mainly on the college game. But that doesn’t mean we can dabble in the pros as well.

My knowledge of the pro game is not my forte, as I’ve watched a handful of pro (MLL and NLL) games for a few years. I’ve tried to get more into the MLL recently with some of the guys I know from Syracuse playing in the league. I also recently began to watch the NLL as well, thanks to Ludacris, but the product was very entertaining, like in the MLL.

But I think there are things off the field that need to get fixed. Whether it’s errors that can be avoided on air or on social media, to cleaning up the appearance of the league and having everyone care about the work they do. I discuss plenty of that and more in an hour long special.

I’ve prepared myself for any reactions that come my way due to this podcast. This was recorded Sunday afternoon (June 11), so some of the things that I say may have changed (such as the Florida Launch’s website adding the rookies to their roster). I want to see pro lacrosse succeed, despite some of the negative thoughts I may tweet and say.

Ed. Note #1: NBC has the NASCAR Xfinity Series on NBCSN for the summer before the Premier League starts up, but most races are on Saturday afternoons. So it is possible for the MLL to go to NBCSN.

Ed. Note #2: I say at the end to follow @SexyTimeLax on Twitter. Don’t. Follow @College_Crosse instead.

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