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College Crosse Roundup: Hopkins & Syracuse Win In OT, & Notre Dame Beats Ohio State.

A wild Saturday in college lacrosse.

Chinese Citrus Fruit Trade Begins To Recover Following Recent Fruit Fly Scare Photo by China Photos/Getty Images


Blue Jays take back the Doyle Smith Cup in an OT thriller!! #GoHop #GreatDayToBeAJay

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We had another Saturday filled with OT winners and stunning upsets. I see you, Delaware.

Sorry, Rutgers! You know how it goes around here.

Below is today’s Big Board with all of today’s results, box scores, and winning team recaps. Clicking on any box score will take you to that game’s box score. Clicking on the recap cell will take you to that team’s recap.

Highlights & Press Conferences.

Here's a great video of the Syracuse post-OT goal celebration.

Army's video recap of its win over Colgate is worth your time.

Towson's postgame press conference after its 1 goal loss to Denver.

Towson vs. Denver highlights.

Lehigj vs. Navy highlights.

Harvard vs. Dartmouth highlights.

Notre Dame vs. Ohio State highlights.

Monmouth vs. Siena highlights.

Maryland vs. UNC highlights.

BU vs. Lafayette highlights.

Cornell's post game press conference after its close loss to Penn.

All smiles in the Dome.