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We can make it if we try.

Pope Francis Visits Independence Hall In Philadelphia Photo by Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images

Ryan decided to leave the keys to the Corvette LAMBO (Ed. Note: Skirt) to ya boy for this week’s edition, and let’s say Safe and I kept it in one piece.

Just like last week (except with half the people), we quickly went over the past week’s schedule and cherry picked some of our top games (1:30). We followed that up with the usual poll talk (59:30) and a preview of this week’s upcoming games with our picks (69:30). But then we finish up with a semi-midseason recap, highlight our surprises and disappointments, as well as our picks for freshman of the year and our Tewaaraton favorite (82:00). We apologize in advance for the low volume on Safe’s end.

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