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College Crosse Roundup: Hopkins Falls To Syracuse, Villanova Beats Maryland, & UVA Falls To Notre Dame.

Overtime Saturday was so much fun!!

Space Shuttle Lifts Off Photo Courtesy of NASA via Getty Images

So class .....

Well, there goes another Saturday where a lot of things didn’t go as planned! But we sure did have a lot of really fun, though, right?! (Ed. Note: I DIDN’T!) Hofstra & Providence was a very entertaining game, Villanova & Maryland gave everyone their money’s worth, and the big game between Hopkins & Syracuse went down to the wire. Of course Syracuse fans treated their win with the class and decorum you’d expect from one of the best broadcasting and media schools in the world.

How about Notre Dame slipping past UVA in OT? I thought Ryder Garnsey’s OT celebration was pretty cool. I give it a 9.8 out of 10. He really nailed the landing.

Anyway, let’s get to today’s scores. Below is today’s Big Board with all of today’s results, box scores, and winning team recaps. Clicking on any box score will take you to that game’s box score. Clicking on the recap cell will take you to that team’s recap. UNC & Canisius just ended but I’ll update this post as soon as their box scores & recaps are up. (Update: UNC recap and box score.) (Update #2: Canisius recap and box score.)

College Crosse TV Live From Homewood Field.

Live from Homewood Field for Syracuse-John's Hopkins!

Posted by College Crosse on Saturday, March 18, 2017

Highlights & Press Conferences.

Hopkins vs. Syracuse Highlights. (Ed. Note: Great game! Except for the ending!)

Brendan Bomberry’s Game-Winner.

UVA vs. Notre Dame Highlights.

Postgame recap of Maryland vs. Villanova by WayneTerp.

Villanova’s Danny Seibel’s Game-Winner.

UMass Lowell vs. Binghamton highlights.

Lehigh vs. Lafayette Highlights.

Stony Brook vs. UMBC Highlights.

Loyola vs. Navy Highlights.

Harvard vs. Brown Highlights.

BU vs. Bucknell Highlights.

BU’s Postgame Press Conference.

Vermont vs. Albany Highlights.