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College Crosse Roundup: UVA, Brown, UNC, & Syracuse All Fall On A Wild Saturday.

We got all your box scores, recaps, and highlights from a chaotic Saturday!

England IRB RWC 2011 Queenstown Visit Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Ohhhhhhh BOY! Today was WILD! We saw 4 out of the top 17 favorites on @LaxVegasLines’ board fall today (UNC was a pick 'em) Below is today’s Big Board with all of today’s results, box scores, and winning team recaps. Clicking on any box score will take you to that game’s box score. Clicking on the recap cell will take you to that team’s recap.

Enough chit chat ... Let’s go to the Big Board!!

Today’s Poll.


We only had one OT game today but it was a beauty! Hit it, Whitney!!

Highlights & Press Conferences.

UNC vs. Johns Hopkins highlights.

Penn vs. UVA highlights.

BOSS Myers talked about OSU’s win over Jacksonville.

Here are the highlights of OSU vs. Jacksonville.

Harvard vs. UMass highlights.

Drexel vs. Albany highlights.

Princeton vs. Hofstra highlights.

Providence vs. Vermont highlights.

Robert Morris vs. Detroit highlights.

Richmond vs. Marquette highlights.

UMass Lowell vs. Siena highlights.

UMass Lowell’s BOSS Stephenson post-game press conference after playing Siena.

High Point vs. St. John's highlights.

Quinnipiac vs. Bellarmine highlights.