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Model & Former OSU Lacrosse Player Saves Drowning Kids At Central Park.

The former OSU midfielder & his friend quickly jumped into action.

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Shout out to @OhioBoysLax for the tip to this great story about a former OSU lacrosse player who helped saved a group of kids from drowning in Central Park, NYC.

The group was standing on some ice on top of one of the ponds in Central Park on Monday night when they fell through. Thankfully, Bennett and his friend were skateboarding nearby, saw the group in trouble, and bolted into action. Here’s more from NBC 4 on the story.

The good Samaritans, Bennett Jonas and Ethan Turmbull, told reporters they were skating nearby when they saw the kids dancing on top of the ice, then suddenly plunging into the water. "I look over, I saw six heads just trying to get to the shore," Jonas said. "The back one was probably a good 20 yards from dry land.” Jonas dived in as Turmbull stood by to grab them. "The last two at the end, the kid at the end was unconscious," Turmbull said. "[Jonas] got him out, he was kind of out of breath, and [Jonas] threw him to me. I just kind of minded him until he came to."

The story itself is great, but the fact that the two heroes are also models helped turn the story into a viral one. Here’s a post about Bennet and his friend from the Daily Mail, NY Mag, and the NY Post. Here’s a link to Bennett's Instagram page. The two heroes spoke about the incident to HLN's Michaela Pereira on Tuesday.

While Bennett and his friend being models is great, the REAL story is that Bennet used to play lacrosse when he was younger. The California native was a part of the Ohio State men's lacrosse class of 2016. You can find Jonas’ OSU team page here. Here’s a post when Bennett committed to the Buckeyes in 2010.

It’s rare for lacrosse programs to look west seeking its next crop of players, as most elite schools are located in the eastern part of the country. For Jonas, this commitment is not only a huge honor, but puts California on the map as a legitimate recruiting pool.

“It’s awesome being the first player to go D1 for lacrosse from San Clemente,” he said. “It’s getting our name out there in the lacrosse world, and it’s awesome that schools are starting to recruit from the west coast. And depending on how I do, it could really open some doors for west coast players, so I’m really excited about that.”

While his playing career on OSU was short-lived, once a Buckeye always a Buckeye, as shown by the fact that he was in his OSU cap while being interviewed after the whole ordeal.

With Chris Hogan winning the Super Bowl win, Bill Belichick rocking Hopkins pullovers at Pebble Beach, and this story, B1G Lacrosse look is pretty hot this spring.