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College Crosse Untitled Project.

From Safe & Jake with love.

'The Dish' Radio Telescope Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

In our never-ending quest to provide our readers with quality content, Jake & I taped a podcast on Thursday night. This was a bit of an experiment as this was my first time recording a show without Ryan’s expertise, but somehow Jake & I made it through unscathed and we were able to get the episode recorded without issue.

We discussed a lot of topics on the show including Connor McGregor, all the craziness in college football, TV/Netflix, movies (Shout out to the Queen, Rosamund Pike), and even some lacrosse at the end. You can find the timestamps for the episode at the bottom of the page.

You can listen to the episode on Podomatic or down in the player below. Be sure to subscribe to us on both iTunes and Google Play so you never miss a College Crossecast episode. Additionally, please leave us a review as that helps us make our shows better. Thanks again for listening!!

Untitled Project Timestamps.

Introduction - 0:01

  • What’s the name of the show?

Is Conor bigger than fiction - 1:30

On Monday November 27, British and Irish tabloid media began to speculate about UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s potential involvement in a Dublin pub brawl. According to various reports, the Irishman allegedly punched several men who were affiliated to the Irish mafia and drug cartels.

Shortly thereafter, MailOnline reported the Irish police were made “aware” of claims that McGregor had been involved in the brawl. Other reports claimed the incident took place at a pub in Crumlin, the Dublin suburb that McGregor hails from. Several publications, including Ireland’s, ran stories referencing a ”celebrity” and “well-known Irish sports star” without directly naming McGregor. Those reports claim the unnamed celebrity assaulted a young man and later punched a man in his 50s, who is believed to have ties to Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan of the Kinahan cartel. In the aftermath of the assault, the unnamed celebrity was taken out of the pub and driven away.

College Football - 8:00

  • Tennessee’s amazingly bad coaching search.
    Ed. Note: I really wish we waited a day to record the show, so that we could get Jake’s reaction to Fulmer’s Coup on tape.
  • Bring back Les!
  • Chip Kelly.

TV Shows/Netflix - 29:10

  • Mr. Robot.
  • Netflix shows.
  • Is cutting the cord worth it?

Movies - 47:20

  • State of superhero movies.
  • Justice League.

Lacrosse - 63:12

  • ACC/B1G challenge.
  • Lacrosse arms race.
  • Blessed and thankful.