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Coming Soon: The COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ask Us Anything Podcast!

Our next Crossecast will be fueled by your input and we need your help!

The Duchess Of Cambridge Hosts Team Heads Together Runners Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

It’s the dog days of the college lacrosse offseason and with that means we’re not doing our podcast that often. There’s only so much fall ball overanalyzing you can do and we tend to not go nuts over recruiting. So what’s there to do?

Introducing the College Crossecast Ask Us Anything edition! The premise of this special podcast will be us taking your questions and answering them. They don’t need to be lacrosse related, and if anything we’d encourage you to think outside the box. You know, no pun intended with the restraining box and all. We’ll be recording in the next week or two and we’ll have a lot of fun with your questions.

How can you submit your questions? We’ve got two easy options. One is to send us an e-mail to The other is to slide into our DM’s on Twitter at @College_Crosse.

We’ll try to answer as many questions as we can (who are we kidding, we’re killing 90 minutes and answering almost all of them) and have some fun with our readers and listeners. We love our fans and we can’t think of a better way to do an offseason podcast!

No, really, we can’t think of anything better and we’ve run out of ideas for mid-November and I’ve been too busy to get any new Little Boxes Project episodes in either. But hey, it’ll get us to have some fun with our listeners!