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College Crosse Prospectus - October 18, 2017: New Syracuse Bobblehead; Princeton Releases 2018 Schedule.

All the lacrosse news you can handle & plenty more!!!

Ocean Rover

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for October 18, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Christopher wrote about Syracuse’s new bobblehead and I am insanely jealous Hopkins doesn’t have one very happy for the Orange.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame released a Syracuse Orange bobblehead celebrating their 10 (they got it wrong, it’s 11) national championships. It features Otto the Orange with a lacrosse stick surrounded by the team’s 10 national championship trophies. The 11th is hidden somewhere, but you can imagine it there. This is the second time Otto has been featured as a bobblehead. He was part of the company’s release that celebrated the Orange’s 2003 basketball national championship. It’s the second lacrosse related bobblehead released, the first being North Carolina’s national championship figurine back in 2016.

Princeton dropped their 2018 schedule and it looks like a fun one for Tigers fans.

The Princeton Tigers are the fourth Division I team to unveil their 2018 schedule. The Tigers hope to build upon their 9-6 record in 2017 and make the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2012. It was also the third time the school went 9-6 since their last NCAA Tournament appearance. Here’s the entire 2018 schedule. Nearly half of Princeton’s seven nonconference opponents are new to the schedule. No more Hofstra for the first time in 19 years, and there’s no Marist or Quinnipiac either.

Shout out to Arizona State women’s lacrosse team for this great video of their fall ball games at Navy.

Medical condition determined as the cause of death of Burnsville High School lacrosse player visiting North Dakota State University.

A Twin Cities father said autopsy results show that his teenage son died while visiting North Dakota State University from complications of a heart inflammation and not from drugs, alcohol or "any choices" he made that weekend last month. Devin R. Delaney, 17, a senior at Burnsville High School, died in a seventh-floor dorm room on Sept. 17 while visiting friends. University officials quickly eliminated foul play having a role in Delaney's death in Sevrinson Hall. Tom Delaney, of Savage, posted Saturday on Facebook that his son died in his sleep from an abnormal heartbeat caused by an inflamed heart. He added that a viral infection most commonly brings on such an inflammation.

Nice piece by WLKY news on the charity game played in honor of former lacrosse player Savannah Walker who tragically passed away 7 months ago.

Looks like GQ is on the Tehoka Nanticoke/college lacrosse bandwagon: This Insane Through-the-Legs Lacrosse Goal Just May Make You Interested in Lacrosse.

Men's soccer is dead in America. It's time to embrace that reality. We aren't one of the 32 best teams in the world at kicking a round ball. That's like not being a good enough flavor of ice cream to make it into Baskin Robbins. And they have a flavor called Hokey Pokey! We are the soccer equivalent of an ice cream flavor worse than Hokey Pokey!! So all that's left to be determined is which sport will rise up and take its place. And since marketability is measured in star power, sports live and die largely on the backs of their best athletes. Well, if Tehoka Nanticoke has anything to say about it, lacrosse may join football, basketball, and hockey as the fourth face on the Mt. Rushmore of American sports. (Okay, probably not. But watch this highlight anyway. Hat tip Barstool Sports.)

US Lacrosse announced new rules for indoor box lacrosse.

US Lacrosse on Tuesday announced a new set of standardized rules to govern indoor box lacrosse for both men and women at all levels of play from ages 6U and above. These approved rules, which are effective immediately, are the result of a collaborative effort during which time US Lacrosse gathered input from many other national and international box lacrosse organizations and stakeholders. US Lacrosse insurance coverage for members now extends to participation in box lacrosse played under rule sets approved by US Lacrosse. Leagues, players, coaches, and officials are covered by this member insurance at no additional charge. Box lacrosse leagues may contact their US Lacrosse regional manager for additional details.

Looking good, Florida!

Comcast (shout out to our parent company!) announced the three final possible names for the new Philly franchise.

The field of potential names for Philadelphia's new National Lacrosse League franchise has been whittled down to three candidates: the Philadelphia Fire, the Philadelphia Founders, and the Philadelphia Wings. Philadelphia had a professional lacrosse team named the Wings for more than 25 years before the franchise relocated to Connecticut in 2014. Comcast Spectacor, the owner of the new NLL team set to begin play in the 2018-19 season, said they received more than 5,100 entries in its name-the-team contest that began Sept. 14. Fans can select their choice online through Nov. 13, after which time a winning name and logo will be revealed.

Looks like Providence is leveling up its lacrosse field!

Providence College has announced several facility upgrades at the Friar Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex, now known as Lennon Family Field. Over the summer, the field’s Astroturf surface was replaced, in addition to having the padding on the surrounding walls redone and re-branded. Additional upgrades to the field that are coming include a new scoreboard and LED video board display.

Pretty cool story out of Minnesota: Minnesota's Native American health advocates use old games as new cures for obesity.

The players stood on the field in a circle, passing burning sage to one another. One by one, they waved their lacrosse sticks over the thick, sweet-smelling smoke. Then they faced off, ready to start play on a recent Sunday at Corcoran Park in Minneapolis. Sasha Houston Brown tossed up the ball. The other players jumped for it — raising their sticks toward the sky and shouting excitedly “to let Creator know we’re playing,” Houston Brown said. It’s a scene that plays out each week in the park among the dozen or so Native Americans who regularly show up to play old-style lacrosse, or “Creator’s game,” as they call it. For them, it is more than a game. It’s medicine

Shout out to Huntva for uploading these Hopkins vs. Albany highlights.

The Senator!!

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Shout out to South Philly!!: South Philly Meatball Contest Ends in Vegan Meatball Controversy.
It was a really well run event, from my perspective. Lots of competitors and a ton of neighbors, with people pouring out onto the street with glasses of Chianti and bottles of beer. The meatballs ranged from barely swallowable (I actually spit one out into a nearby trash can) to absolutely mediocre (the majority) to pretty fantastic (just a few). And all of the vibes seemed pretty positive. Well, that is until the vegan meatball reared its ugly head. Well-known South Philly chef Jennifer “Fear” Zavala, she of illegal tamale truck fame, brought a vat of what people kept calling, in the most derogatory tone possible, “the vegan meatballs.” The vegan meatballs were actually an old-school Sicilian dish known as panelle, made from chick peas, and, frankly, the balls and the gravy (sauce?!) they were in were among my favorite tastes of the day, in spite of them being meat-free balls at a meatball competition. But not everyone else was as open-minded as I was.

World/National News.

Stress May Be Just As Bad For Your Body As Junk Food, Study Finds.

Stress may contribute to poor health just as much as a poor diet, a new study finds. Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China conducted an experiment with a substantial number of eight-week-old mice, half of which were put on a high-fat diet. Sixteen weeks after the start of their diet regimen, all of the mice that were part of the study were exposed to conditions that brought about mild stress. Subsequently, the researchers examined microbial DNA found within fecal pellets from the mice, hoping to determine how different populations within the study reacted to their varying conditions. Interestingly, the excrement of male mice subjected to a high-fat diet showed that these rodents exhibited greater levels of anxiety, along with decreased activity due to stress. More surprisingly, female mice that were only put under stressful conditions exhibited a shift in the composition of their gut microbiota comparable to that of mice on a high-fat diet.

Your GIF/Video for October 18, 2017.

When you just want to chill out but everyone keeps bugging you.

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