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Lacrosse Is Coming: USILA Preseason Coaches Poll & Mini-Aggregation.

The BOSSES ranked the champs as the preseason #1.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 05 Georgia Tech at North Carolina Photo by Chris Rodier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The season’s right around the corner! Shout out to all the D1 BOSSES for blessing us with their preseason poll. Everyone up at Syracuse is stoked that they are 5th and Vermont is plenty happy to also be receiving some votes. Shout out to our man @ScottHensley for sending us the Inside Lacrosse post on the coaches poll. You can find the full poll below.

USILA 2017 Preseason Coaches Poll

Rank Team Points First Place Votes
Rank Team Points First Place Votes
1 North Carolina 341 8
2 Maryland 331 4
3 Denver 320 6
4 Notre Dame 298
5 Syracuse 256
6 Loyola 253
7 Duke 242
8T Johns Hopkins 210
8T Yale 210
10 Navy 190
11 Brown 170
12 Towson 145
13 Albany 132
14 Virginia 128
15 Penn State 104
16 Rutgers 76
17 Ohio State 52
18 Marquette 49
19 Air Force 45
20 Fairfield 42

Also receiving votes: Villanova, Penn, Army, Richmond, Cornell, Stony Brook, Georgetown, Bucknell, Harvard, Boston University, Quinnipiac, Hobart, Vermont, Colgate, St. Joseph’s.

As I said in our College Crosse Preseason Top 20 Rankings post, preseason rankings are always tough because in essence they are just guesses. We haven’t seen any real games, and therefore it’s tough to justify why you ranked a team where you did or critique someone else’s ranking. Moreover, preseason polls are more about where you think a team is to start the season, not where you think they’ll finish, so you should always read these polls with a large handful of salt. Nevertheless, it’s always great to have some fresh content to discuss.

I’ll do a proper aggregation once Lacrosse Magazine puts out their top 20, but for the time being, here’s a table comparing the USILA poll with the Inside Lacrosse preseason top 20.

Mini-Aggregation: USILA Coaches Poll & Inside Lacrosse Top 20.

Rank USILA Poll Inside Lacrosse
Rank USILA Poll Inside Lacrosse
1 North Carolina Denver
2 Maryland North Carolina
3 Denver Maryland
4 Notre Dame Notre Dame
5 Syracuse Loyola
6 Loyola Yale
7 Duke Syracuse
8 Johns Hopkins (Tied for 8th) Duke
9 Yale (Tied for 8th) Navy
10 Navy Brown
11 Brown Towson
12 Towson Johns Hopkins
13 Albany Albany
14 Virginia Virginia
15 Penn State Richmond
16 Rutgers Penn State
17 Ohio State Fairfield
18 Marquette Air Force
19 Air Force Rutgers
20 Fairfield Marquette

While not in identical order, both polls have nearly the same exact teams. The one difference is that the BOSSES have Ohio State in their top 20, while Inside Lacrosse has Richmond instead of the Buckeyes. Other than that, both polls have the same 19 teams in the top 20.

We’ll have more to discuss once everyone’s gotten a chance to check out the polls, until then, let us know what you think in the comments section. #LacrosseIsComing