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College Crosse Prospectus - January 9, 2017: Fairleigh Dickinson Lacrosse’s Going To Bermuda, Hero Lacrosse Designs New Stick Pocket.

Princeton dropped a HOT video, the Thompson brothers set a world record, and plenty more!!!

GERMANY-WEATHER-SNOW Photo credit should read CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for January 9, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Now THAT'S how you do #SpringSport: Fairleigh Dickinson men’s lacrosse will do its pre-season training in Bermuda.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Men’s Lacrosse team will do its pre-season training in Bermuda this year at the National Sports Centre.

Thirty-five players, coaches and support staff are expected on the island this weekend to begin five days of intense training.

The team’s head coach, Patrick Scarpello, who brought a team to the island in 2014, credits his relationship with the Bermuda National Lacrosse team, the work of the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] and the quality facilities at the National Sports Centre [NSC] for driving his decision to choose Bermuda again.

The Thompson Brothers set a Guinness World Record on Saturday night.

For the first time ever in a professional lacrosse game, four siblings all competed on the same floor, at the same time.

The Georgia Swarm's Lyle, Miles and Jerome Thompson faced off against their brother Jeremy Thompson of the Saskatchewan Rush on Saturday, setting a new Guinness World Record in the process.

I love these Dicks Sporting Goods ads for Harlem Lacrosse.

Chris did a really nice post on the Preseason All-American list by Inside Lacrosse.

and let’s not forget Joel Tinney, who might end up as a top midfielder by season’s end, and maybe a Tewaaraton winner?

Princeton Tweeted out a great highlight video of the 1994 season.

Hero Lacrosse designed a stick pocket for beginners.

Co-founder of Hero Lacrosse LLC, Andrew Szurley, of Lincoln, says the Phenix M1 addresses one of the “major hurdles” of getting into the sport, with a pre-molded lacrosse stick pocket that eliminates the “break-in” stage.

“It’s like getting something that’s broken in that’s going to work, versus something that you have to spend a lot of time and effort to break in,” explains Szurley, a former lacrosse player and coach himself.

The pocket is made of soft material, he said, a huge difference from mesh pockets that are laced tightly together. Gear offered in most retail stores for beginners, Szurley said, are strung in an “assembly-like fashion,” lacking attention to detail that allows newcomers to pick up a stick for the first time and easily pass and catch the ball.

Instead, Szurley said, players end up spending lots of time researching how to make the pocket work for them.

Mercer can’t wait to get the season started.

Shout out to Hannah Dowell!

The first time four year-old Hannah Dowell watched Tara Lipinski skate in the Olympics, she knew skating was something she wanted to try. Eighteen years later, she is now a nationally ranked figure skater and still going strong.

"I saw Tara Lipinski win the Olympics and I asked my parents if I could go to an ice rink," Dowell said. "I just kind of got hooked after that." .... When she's not skating for OBU, Dowell plays another sport for the university: lacrosse. Dowell got started playing after expressing her desire to her parents to try at least one other sport besides figure skating. "I've been figure skating my whole life and I begged my parents just to let me try another sport and so they said, 'Fine. You can try lacrosse on the side just to see if you like it,'" she said.

Detroit is ready to rock.

Cool video of Hopkins GOAT Kyle Harrison with a young lacrosse team from Japan.

What’s Up, Philly?

BREAK UP THE SIXERS!!!!: After Sunday’s win over the Nets Philadelphia has won 3 out of its last 4 games.

Nice to see #1 draft pick Ben Simmons on the court working out.

World/National News.

NYC government killed fun: Renowned NYC Chinese restaurant, China Fun, shut down for good last week.

For 25 years, China Fun was renowned for its peerless soup dumplings and piquant General Tso’s chicken.

What left a bad taste in the mouths of its owners and loyal patrons was the restaurant’s sudden Jan. 3 closing, blamed by management on suffocating government demands.

“The climate for small businesses like ours in New York have become such that it’s difficult to justify taking risks and running — nevermind starting — a legitimate mom-and-pop business,” read a letter posted by the owners in the restaurant’s front door.

“The state and municipal governments, with their punishing rules and regulations, seems to believe that we should be their cash machine to pay for all that ails us in society.”

Your GIF for January 9, 2016: Never give up!!!

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