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Nausau Police: Personal Items & Equipment Stolen From Ohio Machine Locker Room During Game Against NY Lizards.

Theft occurred in Hofstra University locker room.

While the Ohio Machine’s John Grant, Jr. was stealing the show against the NY Lizards on Saturday with his 10 goals, a much more nefarious theft occurred off the field in the Machine’s locker room.

According to Newsday writer David M. Schwartz, personal items and equipment were stolen from the Hofstra University locker room used by the Ohio Machine during their game against the NY Lizards over the weekend. The theft apparently occurred while the game was going on when the locker rooms were supposed to be closed. According to a Nausau Police Department spokeswoman:

The Ohio Machine’s items were taken between 8 and 9:40 p.m., a police spokeswoman said. The locker room is usually kept locked, but police are investigating whether a door was left open, she said.

Hofstra University referred the theft to Nassau police and is cooperating with the investigation, according to university spokeswoman Karla Schuster.

A spokesperson for the New York Lizards confirmed the story, but was unable to provide any details. The Machine did not respond when asked to comment on the story.

The Newsday article was the only one found on the story, but there may be more information tomorrow. We’ll update the story as more news comes out.