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Hartford Hawks Name Meg Decker Inaugural Head Women's Lacrosse Coach.

Shout out to BOSS Decker.

What's up, Hartford?!
What's up, Hartford?!
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

In 2015, Director of Athletics Anton Goff announced that Hartford would be adding lacrosse for the 2017-2018 season. Yesterday Goff announced that the person to lead the Hartford women's lacrosse team in their inaugural season would be former Virginia Commonwealth University assistant coach, Meg Decker. In the press release yesterday, Goff stated:

"Going through the process of bringing in a coach for a team that has not yet been created was far different than any other coaching search I have experienced. The fact that Meg has been through the startup process as both an assistant coach and as a player provides her with a unique perspective that will serve our program well in its growth. She also brings with her a combination of knowledge and enthusiasm that will help our fledgling women's lacrosse team achieve great success early on."

BOSS Decker, was very excited to begin her new gig:

"It is an incredible honor to be selected to coach at the University of Hartford as we begin to make our mark on the ever-growing world of women's lacrosse. I am so grateful to Anton Goff, Senior Associate AD Holly Strauss-O'Brien, and the rest of the search committee for bringing me on board for this adventure. Building the Hawks women's lacrosse program creates more opportunities for young women to pursue a quality education, discover their individual life purpose, and play the sport they love. Let the adventure begin!"

Decker was at VCU for two years, helping that program start from scratch, so she see seems ideal for the job at Hartford. She was a BALLER at Navy for two years (an All-American in rookie year) and finished her playing career at Loyola where she was a 2-time All-Big East selection while with the Hounds.