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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Should Try Out For Professional Lacrosse.

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Let’s make this happen, Tim!!!

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Alabama v Michigan State Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

As some of you might have heard, former Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback, Tim Tebow, is trying out for Major League Baseball. As usual, whenever Tebow does anything, everybody has an opinion on it. There are those who think it’s all for show, those who think he’s got the right stuff, and those who aren’t amused with the entire endeavor.

Tim’s gotten a great deal of attention for his August 30th showcase in Los Angeles, and even the Phillies are going to check him out. Now I’m not going to hate on Tebow for reaching for the stars. This is AMERICA, land of free, if Tim Tebow wants to try and make a MLB roster, I say “GET AFTER IT, TIM!!!” I’m riding with noted baseball thespian Kevin Costner on this one,

“Why would he not try? Why would he not try? I mean, it’s like, why would you not just want the summer to go on forever? ...... It doesn’t mean that Tim’s gonna make it. But he has enough sense about himself that, if he doesn’t try right now… this is his moment. He’s a really good athlete. And, you know what? The poor guy knows that so many people are watching, just like they did Jordan, that he takes his grief, but good for him. You take your shots in life and that’s what he’s doing.”

“You take your shots in life” should be on a t-shirt but with a couple shot glasses on the back. CALL ME, @BARSTOOLTWEETS!!!

(Ed. Note: Bull Durham, For the Love of the Game, and Field of Dreams were all great, but people forget Kev was a retired BALLER in The Upside of Anger. KC always brings the goods when it comes to baseball movies, but I digress.)

Now like I said, chase your dream and make it happen, Tim. If you’re good enough to make a roster, God bless you, no pun intended. Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan & Bo Jackson were all two-way stars, so there is precedent for what you’re trying to do.

However, if Tim isn’t cut out for the Majors, I think he should try out for professional lacrosse. I mean, if SB Nation ... Vox Media .... American global mass media conglomerate company, Comcast Corporation, let me ... a guy who has never played or coached before, manage their flagship lacrosse related website, I’m sure a world-class athlete like Tim Tebow could get the hang of lacrosse pretty quickly.

*Everyone points & laughs at Eri*

Now I think - -

*Everyone continues laughing*

Are you all done?

*@RyanMcD23 throws an orange at Eri, that misses by 2 inches*

*Undeterred, Eri continues*

Below are my top 5 reasons why I think Tim Tebow should seriously consider trying out for professional lacrosse. I just ask you to hear me out and then you can continue laughing at me at the end.

1. He’s still a phenomenal athlete and has plenty left in the tank.

Tebow’s probably still in the top 5% when it comes to athletic ability. Sure he might not have been the best QB in the National Football League, but you know who else isn’t cut out to be a QB in the NFL? LITERALLY EVERYONE IN AMERICA EXCEPT FOR MAYBE 7 PEOPLE.

Seriously, being a QB in the NFL is incredibly hard. Just because Tim didn’t win Philly a Super Bowl like I thought he would, doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a ridiculously athletic person in comparison with the rest of the country.

Additionally, even though Tim played with 4 teams over the course of his NFL career, he didn’t see much playing time after he was traded from the Broncos in 2012, so his body isn’t that banged up. Given the fact John Grant, JR. is still tearing it up at the age of 41, 29-year-old Tim Tebow (his birthday was on August 14th, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!) still has plenty of tread left on those tires.

2. He’s got heart, character, and works hard.

The one thing I know about lacrosse is that BOSSES don’t care about how good you are, they want a player with a lot of heart, a good character, and who’ll work very hard. Or at least that’s what they all say they love in their Tweets.

(Ed. Note: Seriously, have you spent time on LaxTwitter? Everyday I see anywhere from 3 to 26 Tweets from coaches, club teams, or lacrosse related accounts that say something to the effect of “The guy who works harder and wants it more, will always beat out the guy who is more talented.”)

Now, if that’s just coaching mumbo-jumbo, then Tim’s out of luck. HOWEVER if those maxims are true, Tebow’s got a shot at making a professional lacrosse roster, because no one works harder, has a better character, or has more heart than Tim Tebow.


Seriously every coach he’s played for loves the guy (not enough to keep him on the roster, but they love him nonetheless). Whether it’s John Fox,

“He earned the confidence in the building. He’s hard not to root for,” Fox said. “He’s very humble, wise beyond his years at this point in his football career. I think he’s done a great job as far as getting better. He comes in on his day off. He stays late after practice. He’s all in.”

or (Johns Hopkins University lacrosse fan) Bill Belichick,

“He’s an impressive young man. He had great success in college. I think all his attributes are pretty well documented. He’s a strong guy, smart, works hard, a great leader, great football character.”

or (former Johns Hopkins University football defensive coordinator) Chip Kelly,

"I've seen Tim improve since he's gotten here. He's improved his throwing motion a great deal. Since we got him back in April, he's worked very hard at that. Sequencing his throwing motion, so I think he's been more accurate.''

everyone loves Tim and vouches for his work ethic & character.

Now heart, character & work ethic don’t trump talent in the NFL, BUT (again, based solely on their Tweets) those attributes are what lacrosse coaches deem most important when they are filling out the starting line-up. Given how much everyone says Tim personifies those attributes, he’s already playing with house money before he even steps on a lacrosse field.

3. He’ll have the full support of the lacrosse community.

If WHEN Tim tries out for lacrosse he’ll have the entire lacrosse community supporting him. Unlike the NFL, where he was greeted with jeers & derision from plenty of naysayers, the entire lacrosse community wants Tebow to play lax. Not only that, we want him to succeed in lacrosse.

Just look at this recent Tweet from the Rochester Nighthawks

Now I know what you’re going to say “Eri, that was a joke Tweet. Moreover, one NLL team doesn’t represent the entire lacrosse community.” However, I am going to just ignore those valid points draw your attention to the number of Retweets/Likes, say that you are wrong, and continue on with my argument.

Moreover, it’s not just the Knighthawks, his alma mater is behind him,

and noted blogger LACROSSE EXPERT & ASSISTANT COACH, @BarstoolJordie, is on board as well.

Those are three examples right there, so you can’t say it’s a small-sample size. I could go on, but I don’t want to belabor the point, we, the collective lacrosse community, want Tim on the lacrosse field.

4. It’ll be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Look we all love Tebow. Maybe not as our starting quarterback, but we all love the guy. However, if we’re being honest, he kind of courts attention. I’m not saying he’s a Kardashian, but I will say Tim always knows when the camera is on him.

That’s cool though, because lacrosse kind of needs the attention. Whether we like to admit it or not, lacrosse is still a pretty niche sport and several levels below the MLS. That’s where Tebow’s proclivity to be noticed comes in handy. No one will bring more attention to the sport than Tebow. Where he goes, cameras, ESPN, blogs, & sports writers follow.

As the biggest celebrity to ever try out for professional lacrosse, Tebow would get plenty of adoration & attention. Additionally, all the networks would be fighting to air his games, because Tebow equals ratings magic. Tebow playing professional lacrosse would increase lacrosse’s visibility, bring in more TV revenue for the sport, and get lax a seat at the cool kid’s table with the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL. Everybody wins.

Moreover, if it works for him, it could open the door for another attention-grabbing, former Heisman winner to try out as well.

5. My mom wants him to try out.

Seriously, she saw the Rochester Tweet and thought he was really trying out.

Trust me, you don’t want to disappoint my mom, Tim!! She’s one of your biggest fans.

So those are my top 5 reasons why Tim Tebow should try out for lacrosse. I think he has what it takes to be a MONSTER on the field AND he’d help lacrosse cross over into the mainstream. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Thank you for your time. Let me know what you think in the comments section, and feel free to continue laughing at me.