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The College Crossecast Ep. 21: End Of The Year Wrap-Up Vol II.

The Wrap-Up Strikes Back!

NOT live.
NOT live.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

What's up, fam! Like we said last week, the show goes on!! Episode 20 is another great show with Ryan, Adam, Jake, & Eri.

In this episode we reviewed 2016, Championship Weekend, and provided some 2017 hot takes. Additionally, we discussed topics like what we would change about the college game, the division 1 landscape in general, and sprinkled in a couple SPECIAL announcements we think you're really going to enjoy (Ed. Note: Announcements start around the 1 hour 45 minute mark)! We also bantered on about the Coaching Carousel and what's going on at UVA. This was arguably the hottest start to a Crossecast all year long.

We've got the episode up onto PodOMatic as usual by clicking here. You can also subscribe on iTunes or listen in the embedded player below. And don't forget to check out episodes we took off of PodOMatic for storage space in our Fanshots and on!