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The College Crossecast Ep. 20: End Of The Year Wrap-Up Vol I.


We'll do it live!!!
We'll do it live!!!
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

We did it, fam! We made it all the way to the end of 2016! The Big BBQ 2016 was a smashing success, and the season was lit, just like the witch prophesied!! To commemorate the year here's part 1 of our year end review and Big BBQ 2016 wrap-up.  We'll discuss some of our favorite moments of the weekend, highlights from the year, the Tewaaraton Award, baseless speculation on the Coaching Carousel Big Board, the good news out of Hartford, and lots more in this LIVE episode.

We've embedded the Youtube link below so you can follow along right from this post. Additionally, please write in your #HotTakes in the comments section, and we'll try to address/discuss your points. If you're feeling frisky you can hit us up in the comments section of the Youtube link for some instant reactions.

The feed should be up in about 10-15 minutes. We'll update the post and add the link to download the podcast for anyone who missed the show after we finish taping.

UPDATE: You can listen to it down below, by heading to PodOMatic, or subscribing on iTunes.