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Coaching Carousel: Princeton Made A Run At Towson's Shawn Nadelen.

“My interest continues to be with Towson, and that’s my focus.”

What up, Princeton?!
What up, Princeton?!
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Our man @EdwardLeeSun got a nice scoop today. Lee just reported that Princeton requested permission to talk to BOSS Nadelen about their open head coaching vacancy.  In a conversation with Towson Athletic Director, Tim Leonard, Leonard confirmed that Princeton reached out and requested permission to interview Nadelen.

Towson athletic director Tim Leonard confirmed Friday morning that Princeton had requested permission to interview Nadelen for the position after the past season had ended.

"To what extent Shawn’s interest is, I’m not 100 percent sure. You’d have to ask Shawn that. But he and I have talked. I asked him to give me a list of things that are important to him to keep this program moving forward, and we responded with a list of the things that we can do immediately, and I think we addressed a lot of them. This is a good program, and I want to keep it moving forward. Hopefully, he will understand that and want to stay here. If he doesn’t, hey, this is still a great job. Believe me, there will be plenty of interest."

Though he didn't explicitly address Princeton, in a text message exchange with Lee, Nadelen provided some assurance for TU fans that his focus is still on the Towson Tigers.

Nadelen  has close ties to Princeton. The former four-year starter and a senior captain for Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays, started out as an assistant coach at Princeton in 2002, under the Don of all Dons, Bill Tierney. In his first year as an assistant coach, Nadelen helped Princeton get to the national championship game against the Orange (Syracuse won 13-12).

Nadelen stayed at Princeton for two more years before moving on to Towson as an assistant coach in 2005.  Nadelen was promoted to BOSS in 2011 after Towson and former head coach Tony Seaman parted ways.

I definitely encourage you to read Lee's full article as it provides a lot more background on the whole situation and Lee includes more details about his text conversation with Nadelen.