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College Crosse Weekend Scoreboard & Highlights. #HaveNotsLacrosse2016

Stand up, Hartford, Quinnipiac, Air Force, and Hobart!!!!

Spring is happening!
Spring is happening!
Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Wow! What a weekend! We really can't thank you all enough for following along all regular season. We can't wait for #TheBigBBQ2016. We have a special treat for tonight's Selection Sunday broadcast. Post will go up shortly.

I'll see you out there!

Championship Saturday Board For May 7, 2016.
Time Game TV/Stream/Live Stats
10:00 Hartford 17 vs. Vermont 16 Hartford Recap
12:00 Richmond 8 vs Air Force 9 OT Air Force Recap
12:00 Marist 9 vs. Quinnipiac 13 Quinnipiac Recap
1:00 Fairfield 2 vs. Towson 4 Towson Recap
1:00 Hobart 11 vs. St. Joe's 7 Hobart Recap
1:00 Colgate 3 vs. Syracuse 18 Syracuse Recap
4:30 Marquette 10 vs. Denver 9 Marquette Recap
6:00 Rutgers 8 vs. Maryland 14 Maryland Recap

College Crosse Board For May 8, 2016.
Time Game TV/Stream/Live Stats
12:00 Army 13 vs. Notre Dame 7 Notre Dame Recap
12:00 Harvard 9 vs. Yale 14 Yale Recap
1:00 Duke 15 vs Boston U. 8 Duke Recap

  • Hobart Wins the NEC!!!

  • Syracuse vs. Colgate highlights.

  • Hartford vs. Vermont highlight.

  • Quinnipiac's Foster Cuomo's Sportscenter Top 10 Goal.

  • Syracuse post game press conference.

  • Rutgers post game press conference..

  • Marquette vs. Denver highlights.

  • Marquette post game press conference.

  • Denver post game press conference.

  • Maryland post game press conference.