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College Crosse TV: The Big BBQ 2016 BOSSES, Loyola's Charley Toomey, Marquette's Joe Amplo & Furman's Richie Meade!!

Totally unexpected but we got to speak with a few BOSSES as well.

We'll do it live!!!
We'll do it live!!!
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

This was a SPECIAL treat. We got to speak with Loyola's Charley Toomey, Marquette's Joe Amplo and Furman's Richie Meade! This was pretty amazing, especially when BOSS Meade gives the Nation an insider's tip on where to go when you are in Philly.

Loyola's Charley Toomey

In the first clip BOSS Toomey talks about his previous trips to Philly, his Final Four experience as a player/coach, and reveals that he is a with "whiz" guy. The Hounds are keeping things lowkey in Philly this weekend, as they have more important things to do this weekend, but it sounds like the team is enjoying their stay.

Furman's Richie Meade & Marquette's Joe Amplo.

So to our surprise, when we were watching the Tar Heels practice, we saw BOSSES Meade and Amplo on the sidelines. We didn't know they were going to be at the Final Four, but we had to talk to them when we saw them. Both were really cool guys and very gracious with their time. I especially liked BOSS Meade's insider's tip on where to go when you are in Philly.