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College Crosse TV: The Big BBQ 2016 Brown Bears & Maryland Terps.

We spoke with some Bears and Terps!!

We'll do it live!!!
We'll do it live!!!
Mark Thompson/Getty Images

"How did you get on the field? Are you a sideline reporter?"

Today was Media Day for the Final Four and your boys were all over it. Chris went to it last year for In Lacrosse We Trust, so he was a vet.  One of the best things about Media Day was the total freedom to collect as much material as possible. Which was exactly what we did!  We Periscoped everything we could, and tried to speak with as many BOSSES & Ballers as they would allow. Below are some of our conversations with the Brown & Maryland BALLERS.

Besides being great players, the Brown & Maryland lads were beyond gracious with their time and extremely fun guys. We tried to keep things light and Philly-related.  Some of the highlights we found out:

1.  Again, no one picked Margate or Longport as their favorite beach spot.

2.  The Maryland Terps can dance!

3.  Dylan's a Giants fan, but more a lacrosse fan than anything else.

4.  Jayskrem dances in the first Maryland clip.

Brown Bears.

Steve Hudak and Henry Blynn.

Dylan Molloy.

Maryland Terps.

Dylan Maltz, Isaiah Davis-Allen, Pat Young, and Matt Dunn.

Ryan Lehman, Tyler Brooke, and Jon Garino Jr.

Matt Rambo.