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College Crosse TV: The Big BBQ 2016 Loyola Hounds & North Carolina Tar Heels.

We spoke with the Philly boys on Loyola and North Carolina and it was a lot of fun.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Today was Media Day for the Final Four and your boys were all over it. Chris went to it last year for In Lacrosse We Trust, so he was a vet.  One of the best things about Media Day was the total freedom to collect as much material as possible. Which was exactly what we did!  We Periscoped everything we could, and tried to speak with as many BOSSES & Ballers as they would allow. Below are some of our conversations with the Loyola Hounds & North Carolina Tar Heels BALLERS.

We tried to keep things light and Philly-related.  Some of the highlights we found out:

1.  No one likes Margate.  Well, at least none of them picked it as their favorite shore spot.

2.  Everyone who was an Eagles fan believes the birds will win a Super Bowl before they die.

3.  Everyone mostly believes in the process, but there is a bit of a split between who to pick first, Ben Simmons or  Brandon Ingram.

4.  We learned who taught BOSS Breschi how to dab.  The answer will surprise you!

Seriously though, all the lads were great and it was fun speaking with them. If you want to check out all of the videos from today, please visit Jayskrem's Youtube page with all the links here.

Loyola Videos.

Loyola's Matt Heim, Ryder Harkins, Chad Rafferty, and Damase Bagbonon.

Loyola's Zach Herreweyers and Pat Spencer

North Carolina Tar Heels.

Austin Pifani, Charles Kelly, Jake Peden, and Colin Reder