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Big BBQ 2016 Media Call: BOSS Tiffany.

From a farm in Buffalo to Championship Weekend in Philly.

John Moore/Getty Images

I sat in on the 2016 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships Media Call this morning. The kid, Jayskrem, also sat in on the call and will be doing a post as well. It was a great experience and definitely got me even more excited about this weekend.

In preparation for the call, I came across this wonderful post/video from Brown that featured BOSS Tiffany. The video is undated but within the post it mentioned that  BOSS Tiffany "has garnered two Ivy titles and an NCAA berth" so it is probably from before the 2015 season. In the post/video, coach Tiffany talked about how he grew up on a farm in Buffalo and how he planned being a veterinarian. Thank god dental school didn't pan out.

One of the things that struck me the most about Tiffany's upbringing in the above-linked post/video, was how he used to play pick-up lacrosse on the Onondaga Nation Reservation near his home. Coach Tiffany's father developed close bonds with the tribal chiefs on the reservation and would attend ceremonies at the longhouse while Lars was balling outside.

I asked BOSS Tiffany about his upbringing and how much it meant to him to go from a farm in Buffalo to Championship Weekend in Philadelphia during the call today. Coach wanted to keep the focus on the players and what they have done, but was gracious enough to talk about what getting to the Final Four meant to him.

BOSS Tiffany described his ranch home in Buffalo and how he was was fortunate enough to grow up near the  Onondaga reservation. Coach Tiffany stated how he is still close to some of his childhood friends from back in the day. He also elaborated that they would play all sorts of sports together, and how the kids on the reservation helped to introduce him to lacrosse. Additionally, he mentioned how he was "was introduced to the culture of the nation and how important the sport of lacrosse was to the people."

In the above-linked post/video, BOSS Tiffany mentioned that lacrosse is part of their Onondaga culture and that "they play to entertain the creator, and their style is aggressive and fearless. So lacrosse was more intense, and more meaningful, than other sports." When you watch Brown play today, you can see some of that fearlessness and aggressive style.  It's probably safe to assume that BOSS Tiffany's experiences as a child playing pick-up ball with his Onondaga childhood friends played a large part in how he wants his lads to play, i.e. fast, aggressive and fearless. The Creator wouldn't have it any other way.

One last thing, if you are jonesing for more BOSS Tiffany content, check out this video of coach delivering a speech for Brown University's Men's Story Project: Looking Within, Speaking Out event. You can see why his players love him.