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The College Crossecast Ep. 17: COACHING CAROUSEL TALK. Wait, There's the NCAA Quarterfinals This Weekend?

Ryan, Eri, and Marisa try to make some sense out of the Dom Starsia situation at Virginia while looking ahead to the NCAA Quarterfinals this weekend.

You'll never guess which coaching story we're breaking down in this episode.
You'll never guess which coaching story we're breaking down in this episode.
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What a wild week of lacrosse it's been since we left off with the live podcast on Monday. And no, we don't mean anything with the action on the field. It's the whole situation with Virginia head coach Dom Starsia. And a wild story such as this deserves some dissection.

(Ed. Note: Congrats on the internship, Marisa!)

Enter College Crossecast. Marisa Ingemi joins Ryan and Eri to cover the Starsia story from all the angles. We discuss the potential implications, the dilemma of the lacrosse media in how to handle things such as this, and what can be separated as fact or fiction. We also dive into who we'd want if we were running Princeton's head coaching search and also touch base on the America East.

Oh yeah, there's also the NCAA Quarterfinals this weekend. Marisa chats about the positives the Patriot League can take away from a First Round where they went 2-0 and how far both Loyola and Navy can go. She also shares us the storylines she's looking forward to this weekend as well as her championship pick.

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Mini-Starsia Curation.