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The College Crossecast Ep. 15: First Round Blowout with Jayskrem and UMD's The Pit!

There's lots and lots of first round analysis to go around on College Crossecast this week

Bet you he's forcing Desko to wear that t-shirt on Sunday
Bet you he's forcing Desko to wear that t-shirt on Sunday
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally time for The Big Barbeque! This week we've got a special College Crossecast where we break down each first round matchup in depth. We also look back on Quinnipiac and Towson's play-in round games, some insight from inside the Syracuse lacrosse program heading into their first round battle with Albany with Jayskrem, and talk about conference realignment because of course we did.

If all that wasn't enough, we had the boys at Maryland's The Pit after their devoted viewership of our live stream last Sunday (Go to 1:16:30 mark for The Pit UMD segment). We chatted about how they came up with their idea for a lacrosse student section and how they like the Terps' chances to lift the trophy on Memorial Day (Hint: very much so). It's like two podcasts in one!

You can listen as always by subscribing on iTunes, heading to PodOMatic, or listening right down below. Yes, we understand the theme song didn't record on this one because Ryan played around with the settings this go round. He promises not to do this again.

To fill that musical void, this week's Spotify playlist is filled with playoff pump up songs that aren't songs you want to kill us for adding. It's actual pump up songs, not songs television stations overplay during playoff coverage.