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The College Crosse Week 13 Aggregation & Summation For May 10, 2016.

These polls ain't loyal!

Let's sort it all out!
Let's sort it all out!
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

I believe there are only 2 more of these before the end of the year. I can't believe how fast time has flown. Here's the last pre-Big BBQ Aggregation.

(Ed. Note: Bolded teams are College Crosse Big Board Certified Dimes ®)

College Crosse Week 13 Aggregation for May 10, 2016.
Rank Lacrosse Magazine USILA Poll Doc_Lunchbox Inside Lacrosse Eri_Barrister
1 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland
2 Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver
3 Brown Yale Brown Yale Syracuse
4 Syracuse Brown Syracuse Syracuse Yale
5 Notre Dame Notre Dame Yale Brown Loyola
6 Yale Syracuse Notre Dame Notre Dame Brown
7 Duke Loyola Loyola Loyola Notre Dame
8 Marquette Duke Marquette Albany Air Force
9 North Carolina Albany North Carolina Duke Duke
10 Albany Towson Rutgers Towson Albany
11 Towson Marquette *Albany*
Johns Hopkins Univeristy
Marquette Marquette
12 Loyola (MD) North Carolina Navy Air Force Navy
13 Navy Air Force Towson Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University
14 Rutgers Johns Hopkins Air Force North Carolina Towson
15 Johns Hopkins University Navy Duke Navy Rutgers
16 Air Force Rutgers Quinnipiac Rutgers North Carolina
17 Villanova Stony Brook Stony Brook Stony Brook Quinnipiac
18 Harvard Villanova Harvard Villanova Hobart
19 Hartford Harvard Hartford Hartford Hartford
20 Penn State Penn State Hobart Harvard Harvard

Major Guest List News.

  • SHOUT OUT TO THE HAVENOTS!! Stand up, Hobart, Hartford and Quinnipiac. All three reached the Big Board for the first time this year. I put all three of these WINNERS on my poll as I figured they deserved it and it was my problem figuring out how to place the other 17 teams. If you're looking for a few fun teams to latch onto during the tournament, you can't go wrong with any of our newbie Big Board standouts.
  • #1 Maryland. Now as I always say, I don't like to brag .... I LOVE IT!! But it's off-putting, so I try to not do it often. BUT, we should all take a moment to note that I had the Terps at number 1 last week. That obviously doesn't add much to the conversation, but I felt it was important to share!
Anyway, polls are kind of misplaced right now. It's tournament time. Let's just get after it.  Look for another banger by @HoyaSuxa tomorrow morning and of course our Game Day Links post will be up early as well.  We also got a few great Chats lined up in the next few days, so be on the look out for them too.  I'll see you out there!