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The College Crosse Scoreboard for April 8, 2016: Mount St. Mary's 10 vs. Bucknell 15, Final.

Nice win by the Bison.

Bucknell won!
Bucknell won!
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Main Scoreboard For April 8, 2016
Time Box Score Winning Team Recap (Conf)
7:00 Mount St. Mary's 10 vs. Bucknell 15 Bucknell Recap (PL)

Game Recap.

Bucknell beat Mount St. Mary's in a tough one last night, 15-10. The game was actually pretty back and forth all evening as neither team could shake off the other.  Bucknell would grab a 1 or 2 point lead, and then MSM would storm back to either tie or capture the lead themselves.  Gotta give a lot of credit to MSM, they were in it for much of the game and even had a couple  2 goal leads throughout the evening, including when they were up 10-8 with 6:17 left in the 3rd.

However, that was as close of the Mount got to a victory as Bucknell stormed back to score the final 7 goals of the game to retake control, before finally winning 15-10.  Bucknell was on fire in the 4th quarter, especially Thomas Flibotte (scored a season high 4 goals on the day) who dropped a hat-trick on MSM in the final quarter. Not to be outdone, Bison attackman, Will Sands, also had a wonderful game as he dropped 4 Gs and handed out 2 As on the evening.

As I said earlier, Mount St. Mary's put up a valiant effort. Despite never winning at Bucknell, and going down 4-1 early in the 1st, the Mountaineers stuck with their game plan and never panicked. MSM was able to go into halftime with a 2 goal lead (8-6) and were it not for the huge late game outburst by Bucknell, MSM looked like they were about to get their first win ever in Lewisburg, PA. MSM's Chris DiPretoro, was on another level last night as he dropped 6 goals on the Bucknell defense, who had no answer for the freshman.

Bucknell is now 7-4 on the season. The loss drops Mount St. Mary's to 5-4. MSM's next game is on April 12 against UMBC, while Bucknell's next match-up is against Lafayette on April 15th.