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The College Crossecast Ep. 10: We Brought A Title To Philly!!

Eri and Ryan try their best to not only talk about college basketball but also stay on point and talk college lacrosse.

This picture was not taken in Philadelphia proper.
This picture was not taken in Philadelphia proper.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We had a lot to talk about with that all-time finish between Villanova and UNC in the Final Four on Monday night. (Ed. Note: We did it, fam!! #CollegeCrossecastBump #WeMadeIt) And while we were recording, Syracuse women's basketball was playing in a national title game of their own.

Wait a second, shouldn't we be talking college lacrosse as a college lacrosse podcast? Don't worry, we had plenty to talk about in those regards.

In this episode of the Crossecast we touch base on the Chris Bates situation at Princeton, the intriguing results that came out of the ACC, B1G, and CAA, and look ahead to some fantastic games up on the horizon this weekend. We also react to Bryant's upset of Brown as it happened because recording live on Tuesday nights get you into our heads as soon as those big shockers go final.

Additionally we force you to hear Ryan's story about traveling to the 2010 Big City Classic that sounded way better before he told it and play the highlights music from The Masters to preview this week's games because it's The Masters week and you only get to hear that once a year.

You can listen to this week's podcast by clicking here or by listening below.

We're also giving a shoutout to the ladies in this week's College Crossecast playlist by going with an all-female selection of songs. You know the drill with explicit lyrics by now and if you play it in front of kids or grandparents you only have yourself to blame at this point.