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The College Crosse Week 11 Aggregation & Summation For April 26, 2016.

These polls ain't loyal!

Let's sort it all out!
Let's sort it all out!
Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

(Ed. Note: Bolded teams are College Crosse Big Board Certified Dimes ®)

College Crosse Week 11 Aggregation for April 26, 2016.
Rank Lacrosse Magazine USILA Poll Doc_Lunchbox Inside Lacrosse Eri_Barrister
1 Brown Denver Denver Denver Denver
2 Denver Brown Brown Brown Maryland
3 Notre Dame Maryland Maryland Maryland Brown
4 Maryland Notre Dame Albany Notre Dame Albany
5 Albany Albany Notre Dame Albany Notre Dame
6 North Carolina Yale Yale Yale Johns Hopkins University
7 Yale Navy Navy Syracuse Loyola
8 Navy Syracuse North Carolina Johns Hopkins Navy
9 Syracuse Johns Hopkins University Loyola Navy North Carolina
10 Duke Loyola Air Force North Carolina Air Force
11 Towson North Carolina Syracuse Loyola Syracuse
12 Loyola Towson Towson Air Force Yale
13 Johns Hopkins University Duke Stony Brook Towson Duke
14 Air Force Air Force Duke Duke Towson
15 Rutgers Stony Brook Rutgers Stony Brook Stony Brook
16 Villanova Rutgers Johns Hopkins Rutgers Rutgers
17 Penn State Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova
18 Marquette Penn State Marquette Marquette Hofstra
19 Bucknell Marquette Bucknell Penn State Bryant
20 Stony Brook Bucknell Bryant Bryant Penn State

Major Guest List News.

  • Bottom of the deck. A bit of reshuffling towards the bottom of the top 20.  Bryant and Bucknell are back in several polls after being absent for a couple weeks. Moreover, Army and St. Joe's are no longer with us as their losses over the weekend dropped them off Big Board.
  • North Carolina. WHAT'S UP, MR. BRESCHI?!?! A phenomenal win by the Tar Heels over Notre Dame this weekend. The win earned UNC the #1 seed in the ACC and may have saved Carolina's at-large dreams as well.

  • Marquette. Tough Friday for the Golden Eagles as Duke absolutely dismantled MU. While Duke winning might not have been shocking, dropping 16 goals on the nation's best defense certainly was surprising. Moreover, Duke held Marquette to only 1 goal and that came in the first few minutes of the 1st quarter. Tough game all around for Marquette.

    The loss isn't fatal MU's playoff hopes, as their best route was, and still is, the Big East AQ. However, a win would've certainly boosted MU's at-large resume. The loss to Duke makes this weekend's game against Denver vital if Marquette wants some insurance in case they don't win the Big East Tournament. 

  • Duke. Duke's beatdown on Friday was a sight to see. The Blue Devils controlled every facet of the game and demonstrated why they shouldn't be left out of any Big BBQ conversations. This was a big win for the Blue Devils and certainly provides some momentum going into the ACC Tournament. 

  • Albany. The Great Danes may have locked up an at-large bid with their win over Yale or at the very least put them towards the front of the line. Albany swept the Ivy (Ws over Cornell, Harvard, and now Yale), has the #4 RPI in the nation (See below), and are on a 7-game winning streak. Their only losses this year are to Syracuse and Maryland. Albany has a very competitive resume and the win over Yale provides Albany with vital cover in case something wacky happens in the America East.

  • Official RPI. Here's the updated official NCAA RPI as of April 25, 2016.