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The College Crosse Scoreboard & Highlights: Rutgers Defeats Penn State, 15-14!

The Scarlet Knights are going to the Big Ten tournament!!

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College Crosse Scoreboard
Time Box Score Winning Team Recap
8:00 Penn State 14 vs. Rutgers 15 Rutgers Recap

College Crosse Recap.

Rutgers vs. Penn State. STUNNER IN JERSEY!! Rutgers with a huge win at home yesterday against Penn State. The Scarlet Knights clinched a spot in the B1G tournament (10-3 overall, 3-1 B1) and, for now, bumped PSU to 5th in the B1G.  RU faced an  early 6-1 deficit in the first quarter, only to tie at 7 by halftime.  PSU once again raced out to a nice lead in the third quarter (13-9), but again the Scarlet Knights clawed back to tie it at 13 with 11 minutes left in the 4th.

RU took the lead 4 minutes later, and scored its 15th goal with 6 minutes. The last one was huge as Penn State scored with 3 minutes left in the game and had multiple possessions to try and tie it up in the final minutes. However, RU held on for the wild 15-14 victory.

Rutgers was led in scoring by their sensational sophomore Jules Heningburg (6 Gs & 2 As), and senior leader Scott Bieda (3 Gs 3 A). RU's Goalie Kirs Alleyene was a bit under fire in the first quarter but he was lights out in the 4th when he made 4 big time saves including a couple really amazing stops to preserve the win. Penn State's Nick Aponte had a great night finishing with 4 goals and 1 assist, while Grant Ament also chipped in with 2 goals and 3 assists.

With the win, Rutgers now has 10 victories for the first time since 2003. Additionally, this was the first time Rutgers has beaten two ranked teams in the same season (Johns Hopkins the other), since 2004.

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