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The College Crosse Week 9 Aggregation & Summation For April 12, 2016.

These polls ain't loyal

Let's count 'em up!!
Let's count 'em up!!
Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images

(Ed. Note: Bolded teams are College Crosse Big Board Certified Dimes ®.)

College Crosse Week 9 Aggregation for Aprl 12, 2016.
Rank Lacrosse Magazine USILA Poll Doc_Lunchbox Inside Lacrosse Eri_Barrister
1 Notre Dame Yale Yale Notre Dame Notre Dame
2 Yale Notre Dame Denver Yale Denver
3 Denver Denver Notre Dame Denver Maryland
4 Maryland Maryland Brown Brown Yale
5 Brown Brown Maryland Maryland Towson
6 Towson Albany Towson Towson Brown
7 Albany Towson Albany Albany Albany
8 North Carolina Stony Brook Marquette Stony Brook Stony Brook
9 Duke Navy Navy Syracuse Navy
10 Syracuse North Carolina Stony Brook Navy Air Force
11 Navy Syracuse Air Force North Carolina Marquette
12 Loyola Loyola Penn State Air Force North Carolina
13 Penn State Duke North Carolina Loyola Syracuse
14 Johns Hopkins Penn State Syracuse Johns Hopkins University (Tied w/PSU) Johns Hopkins University
15 Stony Brook Air Force Loyola Penn State (Tied w/JHU) Rutgers
16 Marquette Rutgers Rutgers Duke Penn State
17 Rutgers Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University Marquette Loyola
18 Virginia Villanova Army Rutgers Army
19 Villanova Marquette St. Joe's Villanova St. Joe's
20 Air Force Army Villanova Army Bryant

Major Guest List News.

  • Stability. Oddly enough, in a season full of surprises and upsets, we had a pretty calm weekend in the top 10. After Brown's loss to Bryant, I figured we'd have a wild Saturday and Sunday. However, aside from a few scares like Villanova's near upset over Denver,  Duke's close loss to Notre Dame, and Penn State's OT loss to Maryland, none of the top teams were really tested over the weekend.  

  • St. Joe's. What up, St. Joe's! The Hawks are now on 2 polls on the Big Board! Big win over Sacred Heart on Saturday. St. Joe's is off to its best start ever after 10 games and the Hawks have yet to lose a conference regular season game since they joined the NEC 2.5 seasons ago. St. Joe's has a HUGE game this weekend against Bryant in Philly.

  • Bryant. I put Bryant in my top 20 and I feel GREAT about it. Especially after the NCAA released their most recent RPI and I saw Bryant there at #11. The Bulldogs' were a bit up and down earlier in the year, but they are 3-0 in April, and they are the only team to hit Brown with an L. Bryant is really looking strong and their game against St. Joe's this weekend should be a great one.
  • Stony Brook. The Seawolves had a nice win over Princeton on Saturday and sit in the top 10 in every poll on the Big Board except for Lacrosse Magazine.  *Everyone stares at LM Poll*

  • Duke. The Blue Devils may very well make the tournament and I'm not ready to put any skittles down saying that they won't be here in Philly for #TheBigBBQ. However, I think it's fair to say that Duke in the top 10 (*Everyone stares at LM Poll*) is a bit generous. We'll certainly be talking about it on the podcast tonight!

  • RRRRUUUUTTTTGGGGEEEERRRRRSSSSS. The Scarlet Knights continue their march up the polls after a big win over Michigan. Rutgers is now tied with Maryland for the top spot in the B1G and they are a legitimate threat to get the conference tournament's #1 seed. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!